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How to Use EndNote in 5 Minutes: Windows

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This is a fast overview of the most popular features in EndNote for Windows.

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38 Comments on How to Use EndNote in 5 Minutes: Windows

  1. Do these same steps apply if I am using the offline version of the program? I can't seem to be able to import files directly from an online database. I am using Google Chrome on a Windows PC.

  2. Awesome Demo
    thanks for sharing your knowledge

  3. EndNote option not appearing in my Ms word even in options of word

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this much needed video

  5. Thanks for this video, it is really helpful for me. THANKS

  6. What if I want to insert para, part, section, provision, art., etc.? How to do this in an unformatted citation? Do I still use @ ?

  7. Yeah… PubMed is easy. It is on the list. I spend almost 4 hours try to connect the app to IOPscience and JLB. Nothing. If the publication is not from the database, you are doomed.

  8. Thank you so much for uploading this video! this is really helpful and easy to learn especially for beginner. much thanks! terima kasih!!!

  9. I have seen lots of educational videos in youtube. This one is incomparable! Thank You.

  10. wow within 5 minutes, great shared really helpful

  11. Is your web page hacked or something? All pages redirect to your online store. Wanted to check your forum from google search and it sends me to online store. Wanted to check an output style and it sends me to online store. Called a friend asked him to get on your web page, he was also redirected to your online store. Tried on my phone and same result. I know you guys are greedy but this is just too much. How many times should people buy your software to be able to use the website?

  12. Really helpful to get started. Thank you for the video.

  13. 4 years of uni and I've only just found this program… How can this be?

  14. Always wondered what happened to MU-TH-UR from Alien!

  15. Perfect for a quick start.

  16. Hi! I have a problem with the full text search. No result at all on any kind of search… Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
    I'm from Portugal and I'm using my uni VPN, research is on Acoustics and there are tousands of references yet no full text…

  17. I keep getting a 'Remote password' form come up offering me to enter username/passwords (which it says is optional), then I get an 'Error searching for records' pop-up and no search is performed. Can you help? Thanks!

  18. very well done! succinct and brilliant. Thank you.

  19. whats the best way around if you are having to use a library computer? and you cant download it onto there?

  20. very helpful..thank you 🙂

  21. Good morning, please create a google chrome extension to import EndNote references in a single web page search result in scholar searches into EndNote application directly; instead of importing one by one reference from searches into the PC and then into EndNote.
    2) EndNote will not import many references (which are highlighted altogether) located in windows folder into EndNote app once. What can I do differently?

  22. very helpful, cheers

  23. Just what I needed to get a fast start, thank you!

  24. Thank You So Much.

  25. for someone who was raised in the era of less technology, and has never used endnote before i thank you for saving my

  26. Do I need to register the software? Or will it cease to function after some time if I do not do it?

  27. I just downloaded the trial version on windows and I can basically do nothing that you mention in this video. What is the point of a dead trial version?


  29. Just saved some time on this paper that's due tomorrow thank you for this video

  30. So useful, thanks a lot.

  31. Very helpful! thank you so much!

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