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HOW TO WIN | Aggressive Tips and Tricks (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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46 Comments on HOW TO WIN | Aggressive Tips and Tricks (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. You make it look so easy

  2. Is that 1.2mil bits? Also you're the reason I dont choke anymore stay calm think ahead

  3. The loot choices trigger me bruh….

  4. they never made the hunting rifle 100% accurate lol

  5. Ninja: Pro On Fire
    Myth: Pro Building
    SypherPK: Smart Guy

  6. 11:52 – Why didn't you pick up the epic grenade launcher?

  7. If everyone was still this nooby man

  8. Are these actual tips or just click bait to watch your game play?

  9. Damn, wish I was that good on console… I suck so hard at this.

  10. sypher so quiet back then ????

  11. no one wants to watch for this long

  12. missed a purple nad launcher DUDE

  13. ok guys today im doing a tilted towers EDUCATIONAL commentary

  14. RIP grey pump 1 like = 1 respec

  15. At 0:45 how did you know there was a small Shield under the big Shield. Do you prerecord? Just wondering.

  16. He left the purple grenade launcher

  17. How did he know a shield was underneath him in an unopened chest? Right in the begging he calls it.

  18. Hunting rifle had bloom? I do not recall this?!

  19. Ur my favorite fortnite player

  20. Like no joke I keep getting 6th place I got its like three times in a row can you show me how to be 1st place

  21. How do you Win when you are NOT an aggressive player?

  22. Y can he see through his edit but on ps4 it won’t it’s like blue in color any tips ?

  23. U wanna hear best tips work every time even if u not good player and u got the win for sure..send messages to all the players in the list this letter “ im from isis i know where u are .. if u trying to fuck with me ..u and ur whole family gonna be dead “

  24. Man, it's amazing how you can play so well while commentating and explaining what you do without a single pause. Great work! Love this video and also your others!

  25. Your my favourite fortnite gamer

  26. He left the fucking small shields

  27. That was cool and educating. Thanks man. I learn a lot from you..

  28. Tilted towers commentarys are too much RNG …… every new commentary is almost tilted xDD

  29. When the pump wasn’t nerfed like shit ????????????

  30. “Bloom probably won’t be in the game for very long” boy do I wish you were right

  31. Most players are kids and sunday gamers. Talk to me again when NBMM gets implemented.

  32. Man gets a gold scar everywhere he lands

  33. Keep playing this and stop killing eso

  34. This dude is ridiculous! Sypher bro let’s run duos

  35. 11:50 he didnt take the purple grenade launcher

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