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HOW TO WIN | Controller on PC Tips and Tricks (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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27 Comments on HOW TO WIN | Controller on PC Tips and Tricks (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. I killed you one time. I was so excited

  2. I would have gotten about 20 kills if they where like that nooooooby

  3. Fast builds bolder pro

  4. I have that controller

  5. Not helpful what so ever

  6. Who watching in 2019

  7. Controller on PC is way easier due to the aim assist I played 7 solo games earlier and won 4 of them but I've never won with keyboard and mouse yet

  8. I would wreck u on controller

  9. All I match with people who r insane builder

  10. 20:36 anyone see player???

  11. R.I.P Default Pump Shotgun

  12. Do you still have aim assist if you connect a controller to pc

  13. My problem though is the sensitivity I don’t know what it should be?

  14. When pumps were grey . The good old days !!

  15. lol nice ending

  16. Back when there wasn’t builder pro controller players had a disadvantage

  17. Pretty much a full lobby of potato’s. Wish the PS4 lobby’s where like that Instead it’s just full of try hards taking advantage of controller players with kb&m cuz they can’t hack it against the top pc players.

  18. You're lucky and awesome and cool☺????

  19. Are those players pc server players or controller players?

  20. Thanks for being honest

  21. T trop un cancer 1 jouer lancz roquette en building fight fdp

  22. U should try builder pro

  23. That Pump damage thooo

  24. “Lip Smacking” Why?

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