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How To Win Hypixel Bedwars (Tips and Tricks)

Welcome to a brand new video, today I play some of the brand new bedwars game on hypixel and show off a strat that I found and has helped me get almost 7 stars in 2 days! Hope you enjoy.
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► Server IP
– Hypixel

► Pack Used
– Talekio x Bluedeww (vBlueDeww)
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36 Comments on How To Win Hypixel Bedwars (Tips and Tricks)

  1. Holy shit this video is useful! Thank you for sharing. Btw what is that pack?

  2. step 1. get carried
    step 2. play against bad players (my strat)
    step 3. be good

  3. what is the intro song?

  4. the weird thing is you're destroy thier beds but no one destroy your bed…

  5. Yay same pack my dude!

  6. You have to play uhccccc Cruz you're A goddddddd

  7. Pls use mine. Probably a fast and good as silvers but, uh nvm.

    1. Grab 12 iron
    2. Rush mid
    2.0 If you havr b extra blocks try getting to another team
    3. Find the team either closer to you or the one with less bed prot
    4. Try rushing them ( or 2.0
    5. Try team wipeout
    6. Bring a friend
    7. Try again to kill them all.


  9. grats on your first vid hitting 100k man, been here since the start also hope ur gcse's went well mate

  10. Bedwars players stoped being bad, now everyone rushes us

  11. well at least I not fully a noob lol

  12. just build and get the john wick skin lmao everyone will fear you m8 oh shit wrong game

  13. Speedbridging is ez 😛

  14. My strat: rush mid

    Get some emeralds

    Get a bow and invis potion and diamond pick axe

  15. Thank you a god damn ton! I kept on losing because I always rushed people and ended up getting knocked into the void and bed destroyed
    But now I’m star 59

  16. do you have an auto sprint in this video? is it allowed?

  17. see vidoes like this is why bedwars players r bad

  18. I keep replaying your intro lol

  19. What version did you use? Or does it not matter?

  20. Wow I have no idea why but I hate you

  21. I'm going to try this! This looks pretty op and I am a god at the bow

  22. Umm im lvl 134 in bedwars i dont use this me thed and My username is Jumqed0ver_ and i win my games by rushing and killing and i win so…. Not Much help sorry

  23. HOW DO YOU SPEEDBRIDGE?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!

  24. 299 wins? Im gonna use this now

  25. i love your accent!

  26. Does someone see the word "haters" in the intro at 0:9

  27. This video really helped good job.

  28. You are so good at pvp I wish I was you

  29. Holy shit I'm literally watching this exactly a year after it was uploaded. I was doing my college mocks this time last year as well, and GCSEs are out of the way now which is awesome. Great video!

  30. If youve been playing it alot y r u lvl 6 and if ur strat is soo good y do u only have 35 wins and 1000 kills? Luv ya guvna

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