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27 Comments on HowTo: Hide Computer on your Local Network Tutorial

  1. Thy Can't see me, but can i see them and use they shared network?

  2. Doesn't work.

  3. what if I have NO options like this You showed on film ??…… (I have win7)

  4. hello, i have question, in my office most of the website blocked from hardware firewall, is there any way to access all website?? i can't even open proxy sites

  5. if i do that they can see my ip Address?????

  6. Doesn't work.

  7. thank you sooo much <3

  8. it doesnt work Network Scanners can easy see your computer!!

  9. Thanks, Works on Windows 10.

  10. Followed the instructions exactly and it did not work. Have to keep looking.

  11. Works great for me BUT I need help doing the opposite. I need a computer to show itself to the work group. It keeps going into hiding. Is there i way I can stop it from hiding itself repeatedly?

  12. Does not work for me, when I tried this, nothing happened. Others can still see my PC on the network list.

  13. I need to share files and folders in order to see them on my Pi, thw problem is I don't want other computers seeing my computer, if I were to change my workgroup's name they can't find me right?

  14. short and simple, thanks

  15. All this actually does(i think) is turn off some sharing options.
    You can also do this by going to — control panel / network & internet / network and sharing center / advanced sharing settings.
    There are some more options as well, but none prevent my PC from being seen by others on the network

  16. did not work for me either :

  17. can they still see you if they're using a program like whos on my wifi ?

  18. Works on Windows 8.1!  Thanks a lot 😀

  19. just what i was lookin for thanks

  20. Ugh! This doesn't even work.

  21. what I was looking for , thank you

  22. Nice guide mate.. works fine, for both xp, 7

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