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43 Comments on HP All in One Desktop PC How to Boot from a USB Flash Drive

  1. Леха спасибо

  2. does this work on desktop hp compaq presario? i don't see that screen when i hit f10

  3. What do u do when it asks for the password

  4. Thx very much, I already watch 15 videos and I never found what I need

  5. How do you disable and enable settings?

  6. Wow!Thank you Alexey!!You save my day!God bless you for this video!
    I want to instal a pc for my Kids and doesnt work with Usb with windows 10 and then it works now!
    Thanx again!

  7. Ir works mate, thanks.

  8. 0:33 the last one secure boot its not with me please tell me how

  9. Gracias la maldita no me dejaba formatear.

  10. i finally can boot up, thanks man?

  11. I dont have a secure boot on security is there way to get it….?

  12. Mine doesnt show last tab is setupsecurity

  13. What secure boot config is not showing?

  14. I've been trying to do this on a dell inspiron 24 3453 and I can't. I've tried everything but there isn't any help online.

  15. Obrigado, show!

  16. Super star thanks 🙂

  17. you skipped few things

  18. Thanks! That worked!

  19. There is no mass storage device in boot otions no matter i enable or disable.

  20. idont have secure boot configuration ????

  21. does not work no legacy to disable

  22. secure boot configuration option ta Hp pro 3300 mt te nai

  23. Merci beaucoup ça marché pour moi

  24. Entendi nada que você falou. Mas me salvou! VALEEEEU

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