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IE tricks and hacks 1– edit a web page

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = “true”; document.designMode= “on”; void 0

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17 Comments on IE tricks and hacks 1– edit a web page

  1. come ons this is not fair!

  2. Try It's a A Command Line for the Web.

  3. you dn't have to download notepad ah well if your using a microsoft system ha!!! if your using a mac use textedit…

    (learn to use the compuer before you try and program it…)

  4. OMG ha NOOO!! lol well wait i have a Q what OS do you have ?? Mac?? or PC??? if a PC vista, xp,2000,or linux??

  5. Now i have downloaded notepad, where on notepad do you save this ??

  6. notepad? Do i have to download that ?

  7. You can't not on the web page that is ha!! that's imposible on all levels unless youtube gives you a like to download the about me as a txt file which right know they don't Ha!! but you can save it to your HD by opening notepad and coying the code(ctrl c) and pasting it in notepad and saving it that way… ha!!! if you have anymore Q just comment ha!!

  8. Hey! Can u help me save this code ??

  9. where do i click to save this code ??

  10. I finally found it!!!! Thank you!!!!! It also does work for me!!

  11. First make sure you are using IE or FF

    Then Cheack if Javascript is enabled on you browser

    Try it then and see if you get a diff. reasult

  12. Yea that is true but you have to have the ftp servers username and password…

    10pht hint hint would be a good program to look into…….

  13. sorry there is no way right now but me and other people have been working on it sorry

    If i find out how i will post it in a movie

  14. javascript: document.body.contentEditable = "true"; document.designMode= "on"; void 0

    here is the code

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