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26 Comments on IMVU – How To Get Free Clothes (NO DOWNLOADS,NO HACKS)

  1. finally, something that actually works

  2. Does it have to be on the computer?

  3. Can u do it on phone


  5. 2 years later… This works, thank you! Sofar didn't see anything nice yet tho lol but awesome!

  6. how do you know what your gonna wear?

  7. What if it’s not on computer .-.

  8. How do you get the numbers?

  9. Going backwards from 300 seemed to work

  10. Faker then plastic surgery ):<

  11. Thank u so much my family is jelly lol

  12. anyone know any good numbers??

  13. oMG its works but don't know thESE codes

  14. Use 90. Thanks me later

  15. *use 90 is a pacman costume

  16. This music tho????

  17. use 43… thank me later 😉

  18. Does this work on the Samsung phone

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