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Increase Your Internet Speed by this little Hack! Its Legit!

Increase your Internet Speed with this simple tip!

You need a Windows 7 PC. It might work on Windows 8. But we had different result.

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29 Comments on Increase Your Internet Speed by this little Hack! Its Legit!

  1. 1. Why were you staring at the laptop screen in the start
    2. Why do you have such a poor mike
    3. Why is everything silent while Hacking??

  2. It worked sometimes.. use 100% instead of 0% i tried it…

  3. ino battis not working sorry

  4. fake.. 6,70 mb/s to 2,20 mb/s o.o -,-

  5. thank you for wasting one minutes of my life.

  6. Hua..ha..ha… LOL..!!!

  7. seu lixoooooooooo posta bosta

  8. why you put the title in english but then you speak other language ?????

  9. Did it work for anyone?

  10. it will work on windows 8.1 pro N or not?

  11. u call this is a HACK! lol

  12. in windows 8/ 8.1 run "regedit"

  13. oldest trick..btw it doesn't work on win 7 home edition.

  14. কোন কাজেরই না।

  15. hey i just want to know something   sould i set it to 100% or  like in the video  0%

  16. this only makes the speed of which your browser goes, the actual broadband speed stays the same. Just instead of 80% being used 100% is being used

  17. Press Windows key + R and write in …………………. 

  18. QOS POCKET scheduler QOS POCKET scheduler folder is not there in my network folder plz replay

  19. Holy Shit man thxs 🙂

  20. My right ear felt really lonely throughout this.

  21. superb bro,its works for me
    thank you

  22. I have windows 8, and when i type in the command, this won't work so what can i do?

  23. ata ki static ip broadband a hobe?

  24. run a giye ki likhbo boja jasse na.. spelling  ta bolben?

  25. how could i see that it working or not having any other trouble in my pc?
    is it?

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