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Increase Your Internet Speed With This Simple Tricks (100% Working)

In this tutorial, We will show you how to increase internet speed by changing DNS server in the control panel. After following all the step in the video, your internet connection will boost and run faster than before. This is the best tricks for people who have slow internet speed. This work for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 too.

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20 Comments on Increase Your Internet Speed With This Simple Tricks (100% Working)

  1. I have windows 10 it wont work

  2. Before:


  3. The Song….
    reminds me of Minecraft PE :P

  4. Man, thank you for the information! Intro songname?

  5. What's the music in the background ? Can you give me a link to the song on YouTube ? Is it copywrited ?

  6. omg I'm a student and I think ur outstanding keep up your amazing work ?❤

  7. will this work at all? there is no proof whats how ever. maybe its just opening ports for hackers?! idk tell me

  8. Will This Work On Wireless Connection Bro?

  9. All videos on your channel are great
    Keep up a good work
    Nice job, everything works fine.

  10. Does it work with wireless connection in laptop?

  11. is this the fastest dns server everywhere? or are there faster free dns servers for certain locations?

  12. Instructions too simple, got dick stuck in the ceiling fan

    This is getting old……..

  13. What about windows 8/8.1 . I am going to die cuz my download speed is 0.2 MB/S

  14. O…m…g… this is just the google DNS… .-""""""""""""''

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  16. ame of the song plss

  17. will this remove everything thats connect the internet

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