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Install Windows 7 from partition tutorial (bootable recovery partition)

Install Windows 7 from a partition (hard drive):
(make your own recovery partition)

Intro:I use this to istall windows 7 from a separte partition (no need for Windows dvd) when you start windows you will get an option to install windows and use it whenever needed this is my way of doing it I have tried it and it works.

Step 1: Go to start and search for computer management and hit enter.Once the program comes up on the left side look for Disk management under storage click on…

20 Comments on Install Windows 7 from partition tutorial (bootable recovery partition)

  1. Here's how I did it.

    1.) Extract Serial Number for Windows using Magical Jelly Bean

    2.) Download the ISO from Torrentz

    3.) Create a 20GB Partition using directions in this video

    4.) Used Prismo File Mount to Mount the ISO

    5.) Copied the files on the Mount to the Partition

    6.) Downloaded EasyBCD as mentioned in video and proceeded as mentioned in videos

    7.) Go back to where you made a partition and delete the partition and expand the C: to get rid of the partition

  2. thanks you man, you helped me

  3. Awesome. Exactly what I needed. Actually Im writing this from my recently formated notebook. Thanks alot.

  4. This work. Thanks.

  5. Thanks Man!!…..Damn one who disliked this video…..Maybe they thought it is download button…LOL!

  6. Thanx, I just followed your instructions and I'm about to replace the insides of my comp for new ones, I'll be back to either complain or thank you.

  7. AWESOME! thanks so much!

  8. Good video, you do know there's an S in installation right?

  9. Siick video works great with Windos 8 install!

  10. Thak you soooo much for this. Nothing like this anywhere else on the internet

  11. Maybe some noob thought the instructions weren't clear enough and got his dick stuck in a microwave?

  12. The problem is not the information but how it is delivered. It's hard to follow the steps on such a small screen. I'd rather you just tell me.

  13. I try to do things with OS programs dont like to install 20 things just to get 1 thing done

  14. Xp is diff but vista windows 7 and 8 is the same

  15. I'd have to recommend not using Disk Management, as it can be very slow. It's fine for one use I suppose, but if you do this kind of thing often, you may want to look into a free partition manager, like EASEUS.

  16. i restarted my computer and now it doesn't boot. I REALLY hope you can explain this

  17. will it work on windows xp?

  18. i dont have boot.wim file. then how to boot from recovery

  19. You have to have the files you can get it from a cd or an iso 😉

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