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Install Windows 7 from the network

In this video I look at installing windows 7 from the network. This can be achieved in two different ways. Firstly by booting windows PE and the other via using a deployment system like Windows Deployment Services.

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  1. i am so happy that i can access more information about technology and learn more about computer

  2. thanks……but i have a question. I want to use network installation in a new computer. the computer has no OS. it's completely fresh. is it possible?

  3. While following the workflow you have demonstrated i am alerted to install drivers . I am using the same iso image i have always used to install windows 7 home premium but my desktop never prompted such message however while installing windows 7 on to my new hp pavilion 15 p003tx  laptop I am warned to install the drivers first as the installer fails to find any drivers . Is there an issue with the iso image I am using or I have to install the drivers seprately before attempting to install windows 7 on to my hp laptop?Can you share the download link of windows 7 iso image which comes bundled with drivers ?

  4. Thank u for sharing ur knowledge….

    Very helpful.. now i can use this atmy home..

  5. where link programe ??

  6. How to add startnet.cmd in window 7 . I saw the video on window 8 that you added startnet.cmd. How to add to window 7.

  7. this work ok for joining two pcs

  8. Hello. First of all thank you for this video. Its great. Second thing: Have you ever installed win 7 (or xp) from windows server ? I recently decided to format computers in our company (hundreds of people, hundreds of computers) via network and i set up windows server 2012 in virtual box 4.2.6. Now im stuck at that point. Dont know how to move further. And I cannot really find a proper guide or a video with this particular topic :/ tnx for info!

  9. i try but error unable to create file "c:winpex86.iso" of 142673920 bytes
    error 5: access denied.

  10. I was gonna try install WAIK build 6000 in my winxp SP2 to install a win7 iso on a defective laptop (except the LAN conn. is ok). Is it ok to do that? Or is there other alternatives to install an OS to the laptop? (USB/DVD can't be used)

  11. Trying to learn how to use the command prompt during a deployment on YouTube is not a good way to learn. If your new to computers/IT then this can be a challenge. There's nothing like hands-on experience or through virtualized software training. Just my opinion…

  12. It is so much easier to use your win 7 repair disk, then load your image from the network.  I can do this in about 90 seconds.  Why would you do it the way you are doing it??

  13. I have a question. I'm trying to use the Deployment Tools Command Prompt but when I'm using this command "copy winpe.wim ISOsourcesboot.wim" that I saw in your video, I'm receiving this error: The system cannot find the file specified. Can you assist me with this please? Thank you!  

  14. how to open command promote after cd/dvd boot help plz 

  15. Try Serva and do a network install of Windows or Linux in 15 minutes.

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