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Installing Windows [Tiny] 7 on a 4GB USB Drive (Tutorial)

Can we install Tiny7 (unofficial variant of Windows 7) on a 4GB flash drive? Let’s find out!
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45 Comments on Installing Windows [Tiny] 7 on a 4GB USB Drive (Tutorial)

  1. where is the download site

  2. Do larger flash drives need longer to be installed?

  3. Only says failed to run system api. Wintousb lol fixed it lol and I got windows aero without programs lol

  4. Yes…i will use this on a daily-basis.
    But with a 32 GB Drive!

  5. I need 64bit please

  6. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. what to choose if it asks for format partition scheme?

  8. I have a netbook without a hdd and A 4gb sd card and it frickin works!

  9. I'm actually going to go ahead and make a live Win7 now. Live Linux master race and such yeah but I'd like to see how Tiny7 runs on my VERY old laptop. Happy days o/

  10. I have a m70 variant of that dell original rrp 8k

  11. If you dont know what is that little dot on the middle of the keyboard, it is a mouse!

  12. Great vids thx!

  13. Does it will work on 4gb of sata dom ssd?

  14. I think millions of people use Rufus because it´s simple and yet packed of features

  15. My installation got stuck in the "Setup is updating registry settings", and starting from Safe Mode gets, again, stuck at driver "disk". (And no disk or stick activity) No, the hard disk is not broken, it boots just fine normally. Any fix?

  16. Muchas gracias eres un crack! / Thank you very much you are the best!

  17. i have the same dell laptop…. and 4gb usb stick….

  18. I thought that was dell d630 ????????????????

  19. Can't wait for Windows 10 S!

    oh wait

  20. I tested on my Dell Latitude d510 it run pretty faster with pentium m 740 1.73 ghz

  21. Keep this
    Install Your favorite antivirus/malware programs. boom, you've made the fixmestick or other bootable antivirus

  22. It is a 64bit version of thisting?

  23. help its stuck at windows is starting services i've tried two computer and different usb drives same result ive also tried usb 2.0 and 3.0

  24. I'll probably use this in emergency cases where my computer's internal HDD is bricked.

  25. Would this also work for installing MicroXP?
    EDIT: Tried it, does not work. WinToUSB says no bootable image in the MicroXP iso

  26. you don't need a pc that can boot from USB you can use Plop Linux to boot USBs on a computer that doesn't support it

  27. writes this on to a cd

  28. Microsoft US. we dont recommended you Or Anyone To install ThinPC@.If you installed This in your Pc..A blue screen Will appear On your screen All you have to do is Reset the system Then Your pc will turn Back to the current Os you use After Using to install ThinPc@.WINDOWS 10 OR WINDOWS 8.1-8-7

  29. Always get a kick out of people talking about how slow the boot up time is if it takes a couple of minutes.I remember a time you turned your computer on went to make a cup of coffee and eat a piece of toast step outside had a smoke checked the paper all before windows booted.If it was already up as you sit down you say "Wow that was fast something must be wrong" hit control alt delete start all over again.

  30. im going to try this out on my dell latitude d810!

  31. I'm back at WinXP SP3 because of a disk failure, had to format, and surprised with its speed and light memory usage. For the purposes you mentioned in the video, I highly recommend Slacko Puppy Linux (if you have low ram, system takes only 120MB) and Xubuntu (if you have 4GB of ram). Both of these are pretty awesome because you can run from USB, launch time is 4 minutes and it starts with everything working, video, audio, wifi, you don't need to install anything. And the plus is that you can access your hard disk if you are in an emergency or if you need to copy/access files temporarily if your system fails to boot. Puppy takes 200MB of USB space, and Xubuntu takes 1.5GB

  32. he didn't press the eject button

  33. How do i make a bootable tiny 7 usb installer i dont have a cd drive

  34. Can you do this with Micro XP?

  35. So, you installed win7 on a 4GB usb? Can i install one on a DVD-RW 4.7gb?

  36. Windows vienna!!!

  37. i made a windows 8.1 which takes up only 4gbs exactly

  38. When i try it it goes to a bsod

  39. copy the .ini file to the desktop, and edit it then drag it back again and click replace file, you have to replace the X86,X64<and the bin folder

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