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INTERIOR DESIGN: 5 Hacks to Instantly Decorate Any Room

What room are you going to instantly decorate? Where did you hang your curtain rod? Closer to the window or the ceiling?

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38 Comments on INTERIOR DESIGN: 5 Hacks to Instantly Decorate Any Room

  1. The baby was like “my rooms ready now?!! I’m OUT!” Lol looove this

  2. Pregnant lady shouldn’t be standing on the chair!! ????

  3. Gray on a  nursery?  Why  not  some blues. Cozy?  Looks  cold  with all that stark white and gray. You want warmth then add COLOR!

  4. With the curtains, I know the trick but all of my curtain lengths don’t reach the floor. Do you still take it super high knowing they won’t reach?

  5. Can everyone stop calling decorating interior design. Giving actual interior designers a bad name. We do a lot more than decorate smfh

    EXAMPLE: an interior designer would KNOW how to design a baby’s room without having safety hazards. They are educated to do so, she clearly is not

  6. Really nice room!!! Where did you get the changing table from? Thanks!

  7. Some neat ideas here, but I wish the word hack wasn't so used.

  8. Pls sign it for the live it journal

  9. Nice additions to the room the baby wins of course as being the best accessory

  10. Omg you did such a wonderful job! I really love it bc it seems doable and simple enough but it’s transformed!

  11. Beautiful but not realistic for a nursery long term.

  12. Good job. But once baby can stand up those pictures are a hazard because they could knock them off the wall. Canvas prints would be safer put a bit higher up.

  13. Looks pretty. Would be nice if links were added. Thanks

  14. Problem: both of my windows are literally two inches from the ceiling… I'm planning on installing curtains but what should I do?

  15. closer to the ceiling????

  16. Mine are midway , Bought two new love seats from Big Lots store ,why love seats because I am looking for love ? No ! At 81 and 60 plus years of a happy yet bumpy marriage ( my husband passed away 5years ago) I am doing my house my way , regarding the love seats My living room is on the small yet cozy side and two small “love seats “ work better then a large sofa ( made a mistake and bought a 92 “ with chase ) I am ripping out that horrible carpet and installing that fake hard wood flooring, Oh and I will buy new curtains and move the curtain rod up near the top of the ceiling per your advice . Love watching your show,and your sense of humor makes my day brighter . Humor and love make the ???? a much happier place to live ! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas ! Blessed Be !????????????????????????????????????????????????????‍♀️

  17. My windows go to the ceiling.

  18. Great decorations but now the room is full of hazards for a newborn. I am so worried watching through this, while I know this is just a demonstration of how you could decorate any room, and the couple in the video didn’t mind so it is none of our business to point out the hazards and I am normally not the kind of person mind other peoples business but for this one I am willing to take hate for saying this: it is newborn lives we are talking about, nothing bad happened to the baby in the video doesn’t mean nothing will happen to babies of the audience watching this, there’s a reason why hospitals and health professionals go over and over again about cot safty because there had been accidents out there happened to poor newborns and worst cases lives gone. the decorations are beautiful but making example out of a nursery might not be the best idea, what if some mum-to-bes didn’t do enough research and watch this video and thought they could decorate their nursery like this? It’s going to be dangerous for their babies. It might be worth it to do a disclaimer and tell people this is just a design idea for any room and new mums should do enough baby safety research before following what’s been done to a nursery in this video

  19. You are honestly so talented of making a space beautiful! I wish I could do this! Too bad it’s not going to be easy to keep that room mess free when you have a newborn????

  20. My curtains are pencil pleat hung rom the ceiling.

  21. Was taking down the shutter over the bed necessary? Having a custom shutter installed is an investment for sure, Im sad you took it down. Shutters are cordless, insulating and are great for controlling the light, and having that control to darken the room would be nice for babe and mom…wouldnt it?

  22. You want a glider so comfy while feeding and extremely tired.Can match fabric to the decor.

  23. Aso the baby can knock down the art work. Against the wall can be dangerous if they pushnot awat and get caught. between

  24. The curtain rods being different heights throws me off. I would have made them even then add an architectural element, shelf or art above the curtain rod on the bed wall.

  25. Gorgeous! And may I ask where those adorable animal prints are from?

  26. Where did you get these white curtains?? I need ????

  27. I kept having to fast forward this video because it was mainly the narrator standing with the clock in the background!

  28. I just found your channel today… 2 hrs into it and multiple videos later, new sub here!!!

  29. Looks really great but once the baby can stand the artwork over the crib will be a safety concern unless the crib will be relocated.

  30. Beautiful job???? Now that the baby is born the two pics of the family shown should be done in black & white with the same size frames as above the crib w/ a white border surrounding the pic to place over the changing table & night stand????

  31. I rent a place, drives me nuts where they put the curtain rods into the walls…
    I can't put new holes in the wall since i rent ????

  32. I like the clock behind you! Where can i buy one?

  33. Is it just me or the more I look on social media and ideas for rooms it's only gray. Grey grey grey grey with white or neutral colors no other colors but the color grey. Sure it's modern I guess but I feel like everyones being brainwashed into decorating their rooms these colors. Even I'm about to move in and was considering it until I saw that that's all anyone is doing now. I look up on Pinterest and the ONLY trending color you see? Gray. I look up red themed room ideas and they show a gray themed room ugh.

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