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Introduction to Hacking

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Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: November 3, 2010
Length of Class: 68 Minutes


Purpose of Class

This class gives an overview of what hacking is and what hackers do.
Topics Covered

What is Hacking and Who are Hackers
Legal Questions for “Ethical Hackers”
Planning an Attack
Ways to Attack
Protecting Yourself from Discovery
Class Notes

What is…

20 Comments on Introduction to Hacking

  1. my left ear really enjoyed this

  2. he sure does give good advice on how to leave no trace (:

  3. Years ago at Sanderson High school in Darwin (1984) I got access to the mainframe computer while in class. The technicians who were there had a hard time trying to figure out which terminal was causing the mainframe to work overtime. I actually had to show them how & why this was happening . All this happened because I didn't want to sit in class & play the silly games that we were expected too. I wanted something more intellectual like programming & data gathering. They had limited resources with regards to the OS & thought that there wasn't going to be any trouble networking 20 statics off one main. There was a problem because the main had not enough power to run 20 statics with one asking permission to read it's data files in return for anonymity. In the end I had to show them about the BBC Acorn Apple Computers pathways. I found they neglected volume parameters, data encryption & permissions. That was pretty good for a young man of only 11 years of age who was extremely interested in computers back then & how they worked.

  4. My left Ear enjoyed this tutorial.

  5. my right ear is hacked

  6. hi first off i love your tutorial!!
    nice work.
    now i have a question what linux tool do you recommend to use?

  7. my right ear enjoyed this

  8. hahahahaha! Dude said if you get caught you "run!"

  9. saw this guy hacking a car on tv documentary

  10. festival only on my left ear..

  11. which operating system I should use for hacking and learn about hack and how can I buy the operating system

  12. Hi Eli!
    So what to learn to be the Top level you said? Im a curious guy, i've been wondering what actually happen when we use hacking soft like Kali? How they can hack and how they get caught in prison? How all the systems work, how they make soft like OS or where is the limit of a system ? Or how programming language are created?…Is that a source i can learn from or where to start to get to that level?

  13. Go to u'r settings and put the steareo thing all the way to the side ether way

  14. People hack the whole world using HTML in less one minute, right?

  15. So would I fall in the gray area? I just wanna know how to hack just for the sake of knowing. Not really planning on doing anything with it.

  16. did u just hack my right earphone ?

  17. Eli thank you ….. you are real such an amazing IT Guy i have never seen before…..

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