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Jailbreaking: Soldier’s Top 7 Hacks


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20 Comments on Jailbreaking: Soldier’s Top 7 Hacks

  1. Good now shut up you hypocritical ass up

  2. Im not sure if you a retarded or something, but I was saying and let me go step by step of what was going inside my head
    "Wow how to jail break an iPhone 4, I only have an iPod Touch 1st gen (10 device difference) I think it would be funny if I posted a comment on a video of a new product on how I only have a device made 3+ years back because then I can express how I am too poor to be able to afford this" never once did I say "Let me make a joke about me being poor while im actually super rich"

  3. Ok so let me guess, you are sooo motherfucking greatful for everything, you never say "I wish I had this" you are always "Thank you universe for giving me this 1997 Toyota Corolla with a broke fender, 2 dull spark plugs, rusted exhaust, and broken window" right?

  4. Your point? People are poor, I was poor growing up, I didn't have a good TV until around 2008, I bought my ipod (broke now) when the 2nd gen had already been released, so you better check yourself before posting again

  5. To jailbreak my iPhone 5 I need iOS 1.5.3 can anyone give me a link to it I already have evasi0n downloaded

  6. I have an iPod touch 5th gen and ios 1.6.3 does anyone know how I can jail break? I havnt even found a way to downgrade :/

  7. it wouldn't i just did it

  8. just jailbroke nd i had to check this video out again. just noticed your email from steve jobs lol. R.I.P.

  9. why dont you want to jailbreak??

  10. Sorry but I'm a noob at this so. How do I download these?

  11. Wow . Hey soldier try zeppelin i think is how you spell it… Its on cydia im sure you will like it !!!

  12. soldierknowsbest SHOULDI JAIL BREAK MY ITOUCH plz LIKE this comment so he will see it!!!

  13. You'd rather use a slow piece of shit? (from my experience with android, its a lot slower than any i devices)

  14. I have the iPhone 4, recently updated to iOS 5.1. I never jailbroke my phone but am very tempted to. Is it easy to go back to normal 5.1 if I'm not happy with it and am I able to jailbreak seen as I'm on the latest 5.1?

  15. Look at the email he pops up

    "From Steve Jobs"

    Why are you jailbreaking your iphone.I thought you were cool.

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