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Jarvis for Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Download Links:
Beautiful blue skin :

Neon space rainmeter skin :

Iron Man Mark 7 Skin:

Rainmeter 3.0.2 :

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43 Comments on Jarvis for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

  1. Overwhelming push sort wilderness cheese soft eating data educator.

  2. All Malware sites. Nice try.

  3. wow what a fucking waste of time. Not just his, mine too.

  4. Jesus, what a silly idea to have this instead of fast PC/Laptop ….very silly

  5. Why would you install this? This is animated and will use out a lot of RAM making your computer, dead slow

  6. nixe technology

  7. I would be interested in skins like this that actually did stuff. Such as live feeds of earthquake reports on the world map and having a live feed of air traffic control worldwide on a rotating 3d world sphere. Maybe Id like to have google earth floating in a small section of my desktop so I could mouse hover over it and increase its size to my full screen by mouse wheel.

    How about having a live feed radio police scanner on mute and giving captions.
    It would be nice to have a nasa live feed 3d representation of all the space debris and objects traveling near earth.
    How about a census count averaging per second of the world population?
    I could go on and think up all kinds of crazy cool shit that could be possible.

  8. Links to malicious websites…. bravo.

  9. I love this app my pc is looking awesome.Thanking you.

  10. whining ooh why my comp is so sloooow !?!

  11. I would definitely AVOID this.

  12. This video is cool but i have one query!!! In this video shield Complete them that contain music them when i click on play button than it cannot work!, i even try to changes in music.ini file but I'm not able to play the songs,!! Please help me out.


  14. You Sir are a LEGEND…been looking for a desktop enhancement like this for ages..i did use stardocks own desktop enhancement but it was very buggy and it had a annual fee..

  15. I used this desktop on my windows 7 . It was cool but a pain the ass to set up. I skipped it when I went to windows 10.

  16. Worst jarvis EVER

  17. You sell the source code? my skype adrianoboller or

  18. jarvis ko ultron ne mardia toh

  19. Does this kill a pc

  20. i like its, a good idea


  22. ago l ever use rainmater in my laptop but now l installed mac x

  23. its i3 and 8.1 os but still not working in jarvis in laptop

  24. small problem in my system its unable to work in my laptop ……. how can i do this in my laptop

  25. Don't you think all these multiple skins and gadgets installed on the desktop are wasting a lot of valuable resources of the machine to run, like processing power, RAM and so on. I personally prefer to have a fast, responsive pc than a cool desktop like this.

  26. the fuck is wrong with his accent? its like listening to arnum zola in 1960's lol

  27. Yeah! I will try this. It's really cool.

  28. The link does works ????????

  29. Someone want to see my beautiful JARVIS not that one in the video.
    See Beautiful JARVIS:

  30. Abe bosdike tera koi link work nhi kar RHA hai

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