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JavaScript Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

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35 Comments on JavaScript Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

  1. 2:15:00 Functions
    2:31:45 Arrays
    2:39:49 Associative Array
    2:41:42 Looping Statements
    3:11:31 Objects (Object Literal)
    3:36:10 DOM (Document Object Model)
    4:09:44 JQuery

  2. WHERE CAN ONE GO TO FIND — HELP — in web development that wont break the bank ??
    I know many people cant help ( or wont ) — BUT MAYBE SOMEONE HERE CAN DIRECT ME TO SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP 🙂

    I dont need an entire web site built I dont need a database built I dont need a payment process created — I JUST NEED A JS Solution to creating a FUNCTION — a finishing process between PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE TO DATA ENTRY SUBMISSION — <– I know this does not explain anything but I can send details to the person who can or is willing to help.

    Thank you

  3. SO FAR I am blown away in confusion — it seems to me you are pulling things out of the air calling them names that to me make no sense and then using generic examples that mean nothing and saying WA-LA — easy peasy . I will keep pushing through and pray this all comes together some place further in the video because as for now — FOR ME — none of the past two hours means a hill of beans to me.

  4. Can you use some REAL WORLD EXAMPLES of Functions instead of using abstract generic examples that dont mean anything — because generic abstract examples does not make things clear — for me I need to understand its use by seeing what it is really used for.

  5. Obviously I am not a seasoned coder yet at all but so far cant everything you have shown us these past 2 hours – cant it all be accomplished in HTML ?

  6. MAN you talk to much …WHY??????

  7. Why are some of your videos taken down?

  8. i'd love to have this guy be my teacher for web programming.

  9. nice video but you talks too much before lecture

  10. His tendency to ramble pisses me off

  11. structure of a javascript and how to save the file?
    and how to link the javascript file in html page

  12. Bob its awesome. Your approach towards object literals really tears apart to fix them in the minds of the newbies. Learning by doing parallel to your video is superbly beneficial.

  13. Don't listen to complainers let's be basic about this I really appreciate you making these videos

  14. wtf im 15 years and dont understand a single thing…

  15. Dude talks too much… more teaching and fewer sidebars would help.

  16. did he have a server in the backround?

  17. i have a problem in 36:39 unable to get 'value' of undefined or null reference

  18. muthafucka uses internet explorer and bing. this guy is a quack!

  19. LOVE these lessons, so easy to follow and understand. Also, I think Bob is a "Lost" fan 😉

  20. Hi, Just got here. Totally new to programming. I am using Mac, what is the alternative to Notepad here?

  21. Kindly help as it's showing error : 'substitute' is undefined
    This is what I am trying to run.
    <!DOCTYPE html>



    <title>Javascript page</title>

    <script type="text/javascript">

    Function substute()


    Var Myvar=document.getElementById("Mytextbox").value;

    If(Myvar.length == 0)


    alert("Please enter");



    Var Mytitle=document.getElementById("title");

    Mytitle.innerHTML = Myvar;





    <h1 id="title">Hello</h1>

    <input type="text" id="Mytextbox"/>

    <input type="submit" value="click" onclick="substute()"/>



    Kindly suggest what is that I am doing wrong?

  22. Is it only mine that plays at a faster pace at the end?

  23. Very informative, I learned a lot about coding and JavaScript watching this. For anyone using Chrome a warning for the lesson at 6:11:18 for some reason it's playing at 2X speed or something. Use the speed feature to run it at 0.5 speed to make it understandable.

  24. Where can I learn html?

  25. What if I use dreamweaver and not notepad? How can I save that in the same folder with .html extension?

  26. why can't ppl just get on with it without all the back story nobody cares about all of that get on with the lesson

  27. Where are the instructions to download Microsoft visual web developer because I cant seem to find it. also, when I did find this page ( it said the page cannot be found -.-

  28. Outstanding Tutorial. Guys Check out here the COMPLETE JAVASCRIPT COURSE WITH PROJECT: "TYPING TEST APP" INLCUDED:

  29. 22:25
    it says that there is an error with <hl> because well
    Error: Element hl not allowed as child of element body in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

    From line 7, column 3; to line 7, column 6

    how can i fix this please?

  30. I'm surprised no one mentioned that the Audio goes haywire at 06:11:22 !

  31. Great Lesson! He said he "recommends" Internet Explorer. ????????

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