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joji – window

joji – window

Directed by BRTHR

In Tongues Deluxe out 2/14

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43 Comments on joji – window

  1. I love the a e s t h e t i c s in this video!!!!!

  2. don’t you open up that window! oh wait, wrong song

  3. we miss you joji ;-;

  4. Also a masterpiece but smoking underwater too fucking far man

  5. When you take edibles lsd and mushrooms at the same time

  6. Did anyone else see Ando from heroes?

  7. CCRU does not and will not exist

  8. Joji God bless you from your finest to your darkest hours. You're finally set free from chaos. You sing like an angel, your voice gets lost in the sweet nostalgia melody that leaves people intrigued by you. Stay chill????✨????????????????????????????????

  9. Accidentally dropped my spaghetti in the shower brb

  10. This video is legit

  11. most of the video suits the song perfectly, and other parts are like "wait wtf is happening rn'"

  12. Wow pink guy stepped up his game with the budget XD

  13. This was beautifully shot, I just wish I could knew what was happening!!!

  14. Hey boss can I get da pussy

  15. Come backe papa frank

  16. is it possible to smoke under water though?

  17. joji there imitate muse when you become pink guy in indonesia

  18. Weirdest amv I’ve ever seen

  19. This is just beautiful

  20. why flip phone ? xD

  21. Why did you leave me

  22. Joji: Im Sorry Frank
    Frank: Fuck You Fuck you
    Joji: Sighs Goes Out the Door
    Idubzz: GoodBye old friend
    Joji:His Dead
    Idubzz: Sighs I know
    Joji walks
    Idubzz: Hey your Song!
    Joji Stops
    Joji: what about it
    Idubzz: its pretty good
    Joji Thanks Im gonna miss you
    Idubz: Yah
    The Song Will he Plays

  23. if you watch his vids drunk, they're more than fucking masterpieces

  24. 0:17 how the fu*k he using an old phone under the water can someone explain wtf is this

  25. 2:44 joji is so godly physics don't work on him when he smokes

  26. I need more joji songs on Spotify

  27. Why are most of the concepts weird but the video is EVERYTHING?

  28. OMG I actually know that girl her Instagram is @kublahblah

  29. What happened when he left Youtube this crap george come back!!!

  30. Can I also light a small campfire underwater?

  31. The video starts at 1:36

  32. is is just me or this video game me the chin chin chin trailer vibe

  33. Iss filthy frank mothafuckaaa


  35. i thought Death Stranding was very hard to understand until i watched this….

  36. Goes from shooting an old man in the kneecaps to becoming an emo

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