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Learn Windows 7 – Paint
During this tutorial Mahalo’s Windows expert, Sean Hewitt, shows you how to use the Paint program in Windows 7. In this lesson he also tells you some of the important tools in Paint.

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20 Comments on Learn Windows 7 – Paint

  1. the duplicate thing don't work for me ;__;

  2. I love Paint! <3

  3. i cant find it i type ''paint'' and no where to be seen :(

  4. How do you get that circle at the bottom?????

  5. I have a question and what are the buttons on to change colors and get rid of the photo?  Example: I want to use a picture, I transfer it to paint and want to make it my own but I don't know how to get rid of the photo but want keep the lines over the picture.

  6. I wish paint was color blind friendly !!!!!

  7. say I have two colors on screen and they are black and white but what if I only want to color in the black and not get any of it on the white can I do that ?

  8. Someone please help! For some reason, the red, green, and blue values in Edit Colors won't work! It's fine if I put two digits in, but with three, it goes to 255 instead of what I want. 

    Please, someone tell me why this is happening and help me fix it, thank you!

    Edit: Please ignore this! I was LITERALLY trying to put the information of Lum, Hue, and Sat where RGB information goes! XD Though paint won't let me put random codes in, that's just fine ^^

  9. How to increase size of brush???

  10. Say I have a pencil sketch picture I put in. and I trace over it with the Program. How can I get rid of the original sketch picture?

  11. i have not paint ( removed ) please download link if i can download it 

  12. Anyone know how to change opacity?

  13. how can I change my color to a texture instead of a solid color? I really need help

  14. paint is  goooooood.. it is easy to learn

  15. how do you make a shadow effect

  16. How can i make a back round with out ruining the main image? (layers)

  17. Do you have Windows or Mac?

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