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Legal's Mate Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to Fool Your Opponent & Win Fast: Secret Moves & Strategy

The Legal Trap or Blackburne Trap (also known as Legal Pseudo-Sacrifice and Legal’s Mate) is a chess opening trick, characterized by a queen sacrifice followed by checkmate with minor pieces if Black accepts the sacrifice. The trap is named after the French player Sire de Légal (1702-1792). Joseph Henry Blackburne (1841-1924), a British master and one of the world’s strongest players in the latter part of the 19th century, employed the trap on many occasions.

Openings are the most exciting…

39 Comments on Legal's Mate Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to Fool Your Opponent & Win Fast: Secret Moves & Strategy

  1. "The Most Interesting thing in Chess are not the gambits or the moves or the ideas. It's the Mental Toughness."
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  2. Black will his bishoop from to g4 toe3 then what can white do please try to give myanswer

  3. Nice but most of the oponents develop their 2nd knight

  4. i move my pawnd to e4 just like you said but then when the black's turn he move his pawnd in b7 to b5

  5. My opponent use this trap for me and he's gone, i know this traps. Sometime you need to pretend…

  6. what if the bishop takes the knight after you move the pawn

  7. Thanks I was also worried about that night captures e5
    Thanks you gave me a great idea

  8. Why are you so amazinggg

  9. I did this mate in a school competition involving chess and my opponent was so surprised

  10. but what if the bishop captured the knight?

  11. I have good opening

    White Black
    e4 e5
    Qh5 g6
    Qe5 double check

  12. Wait, what if the pawn capture the horse? What will you do?

  13. Thanks brother you making great vedios

  14. Perfect move!! Thanks bro for sharing this deadly trick..

  15. that's my favourite move

  16. Can king move without check please say guys

  17. Thank you for teaching me about chess i won the tournament!

  18. What is black plays knight g8 to f6
    Then what should i do

  19. Please talk in Hindi

  20. What if they play d4 instead of d5? Please give a sequence of moves thank you.

  21. Thank you Jithendra Bro because of your tricks I have qualified for Inter school tournament. Thank you ????????????

  22. what is forward trick

  23. this is preseudo sacrifice

  24. I've had success with this trap, and my opponents have tried it with me, I recognized the trick, but he didn't know how to follow up successfully and I didn't either, we played out a wild game, I lost though

  25. You are so good thank you so much

  26. You are so good thank you so much

  27. He can also defend later

  28. If the opponent does not
    moves his pawns or any other piece , then will this trap work ?

  29. What if the bishop captures the knight early on

  30. If bishop takes night

  31. I wanna meet you how can i?,

  32. I love the way u say "his gone!
    so magnifique

  33. Lmao almost everybody under 1300 goes for the queen. Awesome trap.

  34. This is given in the old penguin chess puzzle book I read long ago. Nice explaination of h3.

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