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Local Disk [Checker] – NotePad Hacks / Tricks

The code I use in the video is:

@ECHO off
echo [Agreement: This was maded by YaYuKill and I will not take credits for it!]
echo [Press ENTER to CHECK your Local Disk]
echo [Press ENTER to exit]

Pleas SUBSCIBE and DO NOT take credit for the code! I maded!

6 Comments on Local Disk [Checker] – NotePad Hacks / Tricks

  1. dont make the notepad file
    you can search in start:
    and you will find it
    with out make the notepad file

  2. thanks now I will know how many memory has my computer

  3. Great video!!!… but they are called GIGabytes not JIGabytes.

  4. Would you subscribe back? lol…

  5. coool. subcribe to my account!!!!!!

  6. UPTADED: The code have been INPROVED!

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