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LOTR BFME 2: Download & Install Tutorial – Windows 7

In this video I show you how to get The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II for PC for free and show you how to install and run it using Windows 7. Links to downloads below:

– Link to BFME 2 on Forshire: (I’d recommend getting the full clean version of game with cutscenes included from here instead:

– Link to RotWK Download and…

36 Comments on LOTR BFME 2: Download & Install Tutorial – Windows 7

  1. #TheDestroyer001 When I accept Terms And Conditions During Installation It Doesnt Continues Anything… :???? 😮

  2. no hard felling bro, but i got pissed off from all the steps it need to be done to run that stupid game, to be honest i deleted it after watching this vid, to much to do for a lil fun but ty anyway you explained everything right keep going with the nice vids

  3. i followed your steps and still now working i am pressing double clik on it and nothing . Any help?

  4. LEGEND!!!! :))

  5. Hey does this work on windows 10?

  6. Please , somebody help me. Everytime I can launch the game , I have to use a kind of program (BFME II Assets.exe) to put the assets file into the game directory and take the Options file with Resolution 800×600 in order to make it so. I installed the game with the patches from 1.06 to 1.09 and made it to the main menu . I went to Settings then Custom Settings and tried to set it to high and ultra ; yet , somehow it stopped working right away (Only Low settings and Medium Settings I was able to apply at that time). Additionally , I couldn't access to the Custom Heroes , play any Skirmish game , any War of the Ring one ,any Tutorial and any Campaign. By the way , so far , I have received a message ; an error – AppCrash : game.dat. So , what did I miss? What am I supposed to I do? (P.S. my system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit) ;-;

  7. This guide worked for one of my computers, but the other two laptops show the following error:
    "The program can't start because D3DX9_27.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." Also the My BFME 2 files folder does not appear in appdata/roaming. Any ideas on this one? One laptop is a Windows 8, the other laptop is a Windows 10.

  8. Hello,

    I followed the directions in this tutorial, however I have no "My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files" folder in my Roaming folder. I'm running Windows 10. Any idea what to do about this?

  9. hey bro is the full clean version free please reply

  10. Didnt work…

  11. Can you do an updated version of this as some of the hyperlinks no longer exist on forshire.

  12. Thank you for uploading this, this has enabled me to re-enjoy this great game!!! You've gained a video like and a subscriber.

  13. cant download mini cd image

  14. Thanks it's very helpful.

  15. daemon tools setup wont work

  16. Anyone having mounting errors, try using poweriso.

  17. this sounds a lot like my science teacher lol…..

  18. Patch is for what??? Online??

  19. Destroyer i followed your instruction and i can play offline.All perfect. ..Now i want to play multi.. I download multiplayer files .I made acc in ea games… and the problem is that when i go in multiplayer and i write my name and i press button 'register' .. appear a message who say that ' ea registration application could not found in the install directory . I made acc and i activated..what i should do? ( i didnt follow this step -> Download and install the BFME 2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher here ) Helpp :DDDD

  20. thanks are the best..

  21. hey,so i dont see the bfme file folder in my roaming folder might be a stupid question but do you know what may be the cause of that?

  22. Seems they have deleted the The BFME2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher , what a shame if you buy a new PC and have to redownload the game it's GG for the Patch Switcher.


  24. Worked perfectly. One of my all time favorite games returns to me! Thank you so much for this, very helpful

  25. You`re a legend mate! thanks for sharing this as I will be trying this game at the weekend and this tutorial will be needed for sure 🙂

  26. Thank you !! i can finaly play this again after years of having lost my cd….

  27. thanks a lot working for me on windows 7 64bit

  28. The options file i cant find it

  29. i need the Lord Of The Rings BFME2 The Rise Of The Witch-King crak

  30. hello, please help me! After instal, i begin play the game and after some minutes, all buildings and builder are automic destroyd, and I lose the game. What's happening? Can you help me please?

  31. im using windows 7 how can i zoom out the game

  32. the files has been deleted from the site do you know another site?

  33. i cant install it i have clicked on the auto run and its saying to me "please insert CD/DVD 1 in drive d:" please help

  34. okay so im getting stumped by Mega, it downloads 3gb of the iso and then asks for money to download the last 0.15gb…the other two alternative links dont work.
    Any other options to download the ISO's?

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