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Lowrance Elite 7 Ti Pt.5 – Tips and Tricks

Here is a bonus video in this playlist that shows some of the tips and tricks I have learned on this unit. Some of these are covered in the manual and some are not. There are a lot of shortcuts built into this unit to make it that much easier to use.

18 Comments on Lowrance Elite 7 Ti Pt.5 – Tips and Tricks

  1. Very happy with the got of this uni>>> t as I was looking for something affordable that would give me a great bang for my buck and this was it! After installing the unit was very user friendly and although there was a learning curve, it was small.. I HIGHLY recommend this fish finder if you are in the market for a new one.

  2. Is there a way to change the touch screen sensitivity? Mine is hard to get to respond.

  3. Hey bro aa question i just bought my firts fish finder is the elite 7 ti im tying to do the configuration like choising the type of transducer and is not unable is cuz probably im out of water ???

  4. The setting or add depth overlay seems with the newest update as of March 2018, I had to press power when on the map and then press edit overlay in the lower right side of the menu.

  5. I just bought elite 9 ti and would like to ask you one more thing. Would it be of any benefit to add Point 1 external antenna ????
    ( Without getting NMEA box ). I would really appreciate your thoughts on that. Thank you ….

  6. Apart from SOG is it possible to display compass heading in overlay on chart ???

  7. hi mate these vids were a big help i do have one question but, i have a elite 7ti and navionics+ card all brand new and upto date (i think) but unlike the app on my phone i cant do the Dock to Dock automatic routeing on the Elite is it me or does this unit not do it?

  8. Thank you for the quick response. I am not near my boat. Will check this weekend and let you know. Thanks so so much!

  9. Hi Lawren, My unit will allow me to set waypoints…. but when I press "go to" that waypoint the unit says position not recognized… seems odd because the unit shows the lat / lon in the bottom left corner. Any thoughts? Customer service at Lowrance was less than good…..

  10. on the elite 7 ti, do I have to have the chart/gps displayed in order to see the speed? I would really like to see it on the sonar screen. Thanks

  11. Well done series of videos.

  12. Hi Lawren – I have watched several of your videos.  Thanks for the good info…One thing I have not been able to find…How do you change the Speed Units from Kn to MPH?

  13. Hi Lawren – Bought this unit with total scan a few months ago and really love it. Thanks for all the great info. These videos are excellent. One question. Do you know where I can find directions on how to setup DSC from my VHF to the Elite 7ti? I have a Standard Horizon 1200 VHF. Do I need to enable the NMEA 2000 backbone? I'm starting to head out further and I want to set it up and test. Thanks!!!

  14. Hi. Do you know is It possible to ad both dephts feet and meters to be show'n at the screen? In Europe we use meter but many reels and downriggers are on feet meters. Would be really useful to see both depths meters and feets???? Br Mikko from Finland and many thanks of good videos

  15. great thank you also I have the 7 ti downscan only tranducer. In the installation setting which transducer am I suppose to select

  16. On the 7ti how do I get the water temp and time on my main screen?

  17. What is the biggest size memory card this unit can take?

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