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Making Windows 7 Run Blazingly Fast

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In this comprehensive video I’ll show you how to make Windows 7 run blazingly fast. If this video helps you please share it!

20 Comments on Making Windows 7 Run Blazingly Fast

  1. You should try ninite to download loads of software with NO shit

  2. ok vid watched first 20 mins ok for begginers most ppl with the know how now all this but we al have to start so were

  3. Hey, I would like to know if Baidu Antivirus and Baidu PC Faster are good, as I use those.

  4. it says this process will permanently delete files from my computer is that how its suppose to be

  5. Hi, I have a question about msconfig. When ever I open the startup tab on any computer I have 3 Intel items, IDT PC Audio and GrooveMonitor Utility, so I don't know if I should uncheck them, I don't see them in your videos at all.

  6. This tutorial is a Godsend. It was helpful and easy to understand. I knew that I could do some things myself without having to pay an arm and a leg to get my pc working faster and virus free. These videos are the best thing for novices like myself. Thanks so much for the help. Please continue to make helpful videos, you will definitely have an audience.

  7. This guy knows a thing or two, but he missed ALOT of things he could do for better performance, Just sayin.

  8. Hey man i got a windows 7 laptop. Compaq Presario cq56 laptop. I did a complete restore to factory settings. Its still really slow. It runs loud sometimes does a thermal shutdown. The enter key backspace key and space key dont work and the dvd drive doesnt work. What should i do? Is there a way or is this the way to fix my computer?

  9. really really enjoyed this and done near enough all of it! I only have one thing remaining – an annoying oriental window popups that persist on my bottom right hand side coming up all the time showing chinesey sort of video – arrrghhh! If you have any idea – let me know. Alison x

  10. What's that boot time measurer?

  11. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is it

  12. This was a really really long video but filled with a lot of good information Thanks a lot man.

  13. MRT is a great built-in to detect and remove malware

  14. Wha was the program use to tell u the boot time?

  15. Removed 100gb of crap Thank you

  16. what if i have a Anti virus,,and i want a malware bytes,,is it okay to have a two antivirus

  17. This is the best I've seen. Thanks for this needed video.

  18. yes, thank you so much. I knew some of these tips but there were some that really helped me out. one specially rid the productupdater error on startup, great !

  19. I've always been a bit scared to do a complete 'wipe' like that but you've made it seem like not such a big deal so many thanks for that. Just one thing, how long does the actual process take?. Someone once told me it takes hours,  . . . . ?

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