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20 Comments on Maks Hacks: How to Customize Your Windows Theme

  1. What mouse cursor is that?

  2. My window is broken. There are shards everywhere. Help.

  3. is it smart to try this on my old pc with win7, before i do it on my gaming rig?

  4. This method is outdated. I recommend using WindowsBlinds by Stardock. It's idiotproof. You can't mess anything up. They have thousands of different themes to choose from. All done with just a few clicks. They also have a software which you can make your own themes aswell.

  5. my explorerframe somehow does not work i get this imgur(dot)com/zKbVjrK someone please help me.

  6. Anyone got a link for the Theme Resource changer?

  7. How to uninstall windows movie player on Windows Vista?

  8. Does anyone notice the blur around the windows? See at 19:00. I think that's part of the Aero glass effect. So I assume this custom theme isn't any less resource hungry than Aero, as it just replaces the bitmaps over the Aero effects, but they are still there. Am I right?

  9. max left the team, he's still on the forums though known as Captain Panckaces. I think he has his own channel too.

  10. what happened to max

  11. What theme is used for the folder icons?

  12. i'm using win8 though :l gotta use the 2.2.0 version

  13. yea i had issues with it just use the one that comes with the theme

  14. what happened to uxstyle?? O.O

  15. Maks would have fixed it some way ;(

  16. That's too hard for me… I'm trying to do it for 3 hours. Maybe I should just keep windows ugly look…

  17. Maks the Hacker, Can we hack it? Maks the hacker yes we can!!

  18. Did you know that OSX is so rubbish that my 6 year old cousin hates it? He said it's because it's too simple.

  19. Dont worry… we can hack it.

  20. yes, and all operating systems should be that way. easy as hell, thats kind of the point of operating systems.

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