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Maks Hacks: Speed up Windows 7

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Maks shares a few ways to help you speed up Windows 7.

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20 Comments on Maks Hacks: Speed up Windows 7

  1. What is the Windows theme you are using?

  2. I run on 2 cores. Set the boot to 2 instead of 1 core. When the desktop shows it's not actually done booting (or so I think), so when I try to do anything it freezes and stutters and ultimately explorer.exe stops working. So while it technically boots up faster, it actually takes more time to be able to interact with. If that makes sense. It all changes back to normal when set to 1 core. Can anybody tell me if this is a rational explanation?

  3. Really miss this guy.

  4. "Just work and anime"
    …yeah ok…

  5. I was struggling to keep up with you. You're like an ADHD kid tripping on pixie sticks. Slooooooooow down a bit.

  6. wow turning indexing off was such a big performance gain

  7. How did you get the windows theme?

  8. windows search is not the same as windows indexing!! windows search only gives you the search option in file explorer.

  9. thank you  my msi is running lots better now

  10. Work and anime XD we know you have Hentai on that thing LOL

  11. what I don't get is why microsoft hasn't made all this stuff autodetect and autoconfig. It's a pain for the average gamer to have to do all this when it could have come optimised standard esp that ssd thing.

  12. what happened to this guy?

  13. watching this video on my brand new Windows 10 demo

  14. thanks . my pc feels snappy and super fast :)

  15. Nicely done! Congrats, btw, can you tell me the exact theme you're using? I really like it. Thank you.Keep up the good work.

  16. Good tweaks, but that /numproc tweak is a "bad tweak".

  17. I know this is a 2-year-old video but does anyone know what windows shell / theme / skin he is using. I love the all black look.

  18. How would I know if I have an ssd?

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