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Mario Party 7 HACKING! – Woots

Welcome everyone to a Mario Party 7 ROM Hacking video! Let’s be honest… Mario Party games are best played with they are hacked up! In this video I have some awesome hacks to show you, such as some model swapping, texture swapping, and some beta elements we can take a look at through hacking! Sit back and enough the hack!

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29 Comments on Mario Party 7 HACKING! – Woots

  1. I'm going to share you everywhere. No offense to anyone, but you're like a better version of JonTron.

  2. Just make every space look like a bowser space, and then see the confusion on everyone's face as landing on Bowser activates a dual mini-game

  3. and where do we get this?

  4. Meta Knight is probably thinking, "Oh God not this guy again!"

  5. Meta Knight is probably thinking, "Oh God not this guy again!"

  6. [Sees Luigi Dry bones]

  7. Is it possible to hack board exclusive orbs into other boards? What happens?

  8. I'm surprised you actually explained what the T-pose is for. As a 3D artist, I appreciate little things like that.

  9. I love it when youtubers make fun of top 5 youtubers

  10. That toad though ????????????????

  11. Please start making videos again 🙁

  12. Which tools did you use to replace the textures, models and icons?

  13. Love your humor and really entertaining vid, gj bro. Keep it up!

  14. You seem to have forgotten 1 thing: Making the Mini games. ABSOLUTE HELL! Not unplayable, just a lot more difficult, for some entertaining challenge. Or a single-player Decathlon. Or the golden feature of Mario Party 4: CUSTOM MINIGAME PACKS!!!

  15. WAA, i am satisfied, great video, also..why is warios "chesthair" like looks like its growing out of the swinsuit..

  16. That is creepy as f boo with ammuma

  17. maybe there's a way to only have high poly characters ????????

  18. how were u able to model swap the character files come in .bin files

  19. Can you hack the characters to a t pose

  20. 6:34 the picture appears during a bowser event

  21. Boundary break confirmed for this channel

  22. That picture is from Bowser Time . Don't usually see the faces as they're typically cut out circles for the character faces.

  23. 2:30 HeY sTiNkY

    i weezed

  24. How did you texture swap?

  25. How do I use these?

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