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Mastering Tips and Tricks – Mastering in iZotope Ozone 7

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Free online Mastering Tutorial video presented to you by the Blend Mastering Academy. Check out our site at Learn how to mix and master EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in iZotope Ozone 7, the importance of good EQ…

26 Comments on Mastering Tips and Tricks – Mastering in iZotope Ozone 7

  1. You don’t know at all what you are doing. You really don’t.
    I tried to learn something but was wasting my time.
    So please don’t mess up the information on the internet.
    And…I like house music a lot but your track is boring en stupid.
    Sorry that I’m a bit negative but somebody has to tell the truth.

  2. this melody is dope. its stuck in my mind. can i have a link to it?

  3. MAann that fucking music made me write this comment then leave ASAP

  4. you could have real music for your tutorial

  5. No disrespect. I just don't see the challenge in mastering Dance beats or Rap Beats.. working with a full band is much more of a challenge then this ..

  6. can u do a vid on doing vocals in ozone 7

  7. Mastering its hard for me in terms of transients of the drums because I mix my drums and focus a lot of the clap, it has to sound really good, but then I try to turn the volume with mastering and I feel that anything positive my mix could gain in volume it loses it on the drums overall sound, how can it master or compress my mix in order to avoid messing with the drums

  8. Ya man , your video was great bro…I deal with reference tracks all the time metal-rock- pop -dance and rap . I tell my clients, with out the same "samples or instruments" (kik-snare=keys ,guitar rig ,drums, mic arrangement , room sizes etc.) you'll never "Truly" get the "same" mix or sonic quality with out knowing how they did it before recording the track. Ozone helps you to get it close Real CLOSE to matching volume and depth etc. I dont know what ever i did before getting this.. LOL …..I use Ozone7 for all my mastering, Ive been also using to individually master all my mixed stems ( 6-10 ish stereo 96k /24 tracks), instead of a 96/24 2 track master. You can really isolate each part of the mix doing it this way

  9. too much bass lmao

  10. You can add extra plugins within Ozone…you don't have to use their eq or comp if you don't like it…

  11. At the end you said if you could add a couple eq's and compressors you'd be happy? Were you talking software or hardware, if software which compressors and eq's were you talking about?

  12. Only a professional mastering engineer can give advice about mastering.

  13. Isotope 7 or do I need the isotope 7 advance d



  16. you look like the man from Tales of Alethreon – The Reward

  17. Does ozone 7 allow ssl compressors to be used in it? Like, can other plugins be integrated in its chain?

  18. nice tutorial… kinda shitty track.

  19. you can not master EDM using Ozone 7 only. or you need always a good maximizer after.

  20. The default setting for the low emphasis on the tape is 4. Small point. I thought the Ozone version was ok, with a bit more work would be good. Main prob. is the ref track is AWFUL. Loudness wars gone mad. And you only played a small section but it was boring. Zero dynamic interest or texture. Sometimes you have to say to your client 'are you sure?'. I use Ozone all the time, but never on its own, e.g.the Maximiser can sound really good but I will always use one or even two further limiters, so one limiter isn't doing everything (usually Sonnox plus maybe KClip, or UAD
    Precision, or Chandler). I think Ozone is worth it, especially the vintage stuff, as long as you have some other good stuff to fill in the gaps.

  21. Good tutorial. The synths on the track and the melody must have been tough to work with.. you need a good mix and arrangement to begin with… good job though.

  22. you completely botched the multiprocessor settings/tutorial!! You only stayed on the blue section!

  23. I was using sonnox oxford transient v2 to sharpen transients before clipper/maximizer… but I found that it added artifacts that went uncured in many cases. I wish I could find an alternative. Izotope's mixing module, Alloy 2, may be a solution (for transient sharpening in particular bands, to compensate for the flattening done by limiting).

    Let me know what your thoughts are!

  24. Did you try the IRC IV? It is amazing. Using a clipper before it: helps.

  25. I wouldn't be able to let you know what I think about the results of your maximizer settings because youtube streams at a lower quality!! However, great tutorial. What other limiters or clippers do you use?

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