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MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Remote Assistance/Desktop

This video will look at Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop. Remote Assistance is designed to provide help to the user in the same way that they would get help from someone if the person were looking over their shoulder so to speak. Check out or for more of our always free training videos. Remote Desktop is designed to allow a user to take complete control of their P.C. from remote. For example they could access their computer from…

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  1. WELL DONE,Floorless Victory

  2. Hi sir great tutorial ؛ can I use remote assistance over internet? in that case should I configure port forwarding on router?

  3. This is the best chanal, thank you so much

  4. Thanks for the video.

  5. you have the best capability to teach !

  6. kindly inform me , how is the "public" folder is shared ? do you mean that the other person is on the same network which is your network ? thanks

  7. i don't have this Remote Assistant on my Win-7! can't find it 🙁

  8. sir, this is the best video tutorial ever but i cannot understand how do you share invitation file to other computer?. is it LAN connected pc or else?

  9. Thank god I find this video, there is no video about Microsoft remote assistance on Chinese websites, it's so sweet to illustrate step by step. Awesome video, now I can help my classmates adjust their computers ,thank you so much!!!!!

  10. p if i dont send him it buy email thanksgreat exsplained but when you say send an invitation to a freind do i have to atach this to his email adress and send it if he is on his computer and i ask him for help how will he no that i want hel

  11. Hi why when im in Facebook or in Counter Strike my desktop respawn or how to say it for example when im in game , automatically goes to desktop why ?

  12. Great video!

    Saved me a trip to my mom fixing her browser settings.
    Yeah, she can't take instructions.
    Even though i have worked at a call center doing customer support  for 2 years helping people with  their set top boxes.  This makes me think i am good at guiding people doing easy tasks through the phone. Not the case with my mom though. Se just pisses me off. So we decided to try this method instead.

    Worked like a charm!

    Great informative video!
    You saved my day


  13. BEST video I have seen yet on this subject. Easy to understand, step by step and seemed rather simple. Awesome job!

  14. Thanks much better explaint and shown then on the Microsoft website… Thanks a lot. Will help me and my Family a lot. Sad that Microsoft added only a chat and not allso a VoIP feat. to Remote Assistance. Would be much easyer to show someone how to work with the Computer. Solve the problems they have…

  15. looks great 🙂 but dose it works from country to country like example norway, my freinds live in USA and need some help to install anyhing, dose that work to? please feedback 0if you now 🙂

  16. Very nice tut man

  17. Hi great tutorial, but you said in the remote access part that i can access another computer such as my work one but never showed how to do that using remote desktop.

  18. Really great video!  This was very useful.  I wish I had known some of this stuff years ago.  LOL!  I remember using remote desktop on either Windows XP or Win7, but I don't recall having to do all of this stuff.  I didn't know that Remote Assistance was even available, so that was super good to know. 

  19. thanks for the tutorials

  20. On my computer, in the remote tab, there is no Remote Desktop area on mine, is there something wrong with my windows 7?

  21. Thanks for tutorial…

  22. You only need a network connection between the two computers. You don't need to have a internet connection.

  23. hi guys smal doubt, we need any internet connection fo this…

  24. Thanks very much and thanks for watching.

  25. You're videos are EXTREMELY concise and effective and I really appreciate them. Thank you so much for these wonderful free training resources.

  26. You should not get any lag on a LAN unless the PC's that you are using are slow and can't display that graphics fast enough.

  27. The screen will be laggy on lan? can i remote pc screen on notebook without lag via lan?

  28. Have not heard of the software myself. A lot of people use software like tight VNC. It is free and quite good.

  29. sup nice tut, i was wondering if you know what program mother Microsoft uses for remote assistance. They tried to help me out once using it. the program was sliver light based and in house because it had the fix it guy. it was more like some of the online based remote assist programs.they never manage to fix the problem but the software seemed really good. if you have any idea let me know thanks

  30. how to get my remote deskop ip

  31. The second computer name will be the remote computer that you want to connect to.

  32. What will be the second computer name " Enter the name of the remote computer" please …help

  33. Not with Remote Desktop. Remote Assistance you can do that.Your IT Department is probably not using remote desktop to do this. They are probably using anther product to control the desktop. There is a free product called tightvnc which does this.

  34. Great Video. However i have a question. Is there a setting so that when i connect to another computer via Remote Desktop, the other user can actually see what i am doing on their computer and it wont log them off? Becuse when our IT department at work log into my computer, i do not get logged out and i can see on screen what they are doing.

  35. Thanks very much and thanks for watching.

  36. good one ! thanks a lot !

  37. ok man tnx i will do that

  38. Try booting the computer in safe mode. Once in safe mode rename the user profile to username.old or something like that. If that fails, you could also boot to Windows PE and rename the user profile that way.

  39. Yes something like that. Every time i try to click on my user it wont log in. And it wont let me try to do nothing. I went to check on other vids. and it said to restore my computer but it wont let me ether .

  40. Is this from a remote desktop connection or are you login locally. It sounds like the user profile is damaged. What you could try if this is the case is login as the local administrator. Once logged in, rename the user profile you are having the problem with to something else. When you attempt to login again Windows will create a new profile. You can than copy over the settings from the old profile. This will get the user working again but is s drastic step.

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