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[MediBang] Beginner Tips & Tricks : SIMPLE TUTORIAL

If you guys are planning on posting your color version, please credit the lineart to me or this video.

Drawing Program: MediBang Paint Pro

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22 Comments on [MediBang] Beginner Tips & Tricks : SIMPLE TUTORIAL

  1. Can you put this file link on download again? Link its broken and i can't find a page.

  2. The link to download is not working

  3. I love it! ???? Thank You????

  4. this is the best MediBang tutorial I've ever seen, keep going! :DD <3

  5. Anyone knows if and where i could download new brushes for this app? Thanks 🙂

  6. this was super helpful! tysm ????????

  7. how do i keep layer 1 on top

  8. Wuts ur canvas size. I’m curious

  9. Loved the tutorial! Also I think you somehow sound like BMO from Adventure Time

  10. This really helped me!!! Thank you sweetieeee????????

  11. may I ask: how does your lineart not get covered by your coloring? I created a new layer and folowed you instructions but It keeps overlapping my linart ;;u;; Thank you!

  12. Love this tutorial <3

  13. Your art looks absolutely amazing! I just have a question though; Is it possible to download brushes on Medibang without using the pro version? Thank you in advance!

  14. I was so confused when it came to using medibang and your video really helped! Thanks a lot, got a new subscriber. P.S could you explain some more of the tools in other videos?Thanks!

  15. can you make a video of beginner tips on how to color linear specifically on the face? I'm confuse on what brush and what color should use.

  16. Amazing tutorial I want to test it but it appears that the file for the lineart and the brush aren't working anymore 🙁

  17. Hi! thank you for the tutorial but when i want to try downloading the lineart and bush/leaf brush, the link is not working.

  18. Tysm this helped me a lot. I made sure to like ^^

  19. i still don't understand exactly why she use brushes for base colour instead of fill tool which on my personal experience a thousand times easier? mayber there's some secret or effect when u use this technique? maybe someone can explain me thx ^^

  20. Can someone PLEASE tell me why NO COLORS work for me… I literally have one layer drew a picture in black with brush tool now trying what shes doing in video and anytime i click a color i want it either erases what i drew or nothing appears no color at all been a whole week cant figure it out????‍♂️????‍♂️

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