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Microsoft OneDrive SkyDrive Windows Tutorial

Learn how to set up OneDrive / SkyDrive on your Windows computer. Great way to store your documents in the cloud and sync them across all your devices.

19 Comments on Microsoft OneDrive SkyDrive Windows Tutorial

  1. one drive is the best !

  2. Thank you so much! I just upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 and had no clue about One drive :>/

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, and particularly the segment from about the 8:45 mark to 10:00 showing how to access OneDrive from startup. I am sure I would have wondered, "where is the icon?" Should I pin OneDrive to my start menu?…my Taskbar? And if yes, how? So thanks!

  4. I need help with OneDrive on WINDOWS 10.

    Basically I've set everything up fine, but my Onedrive folder only has 'Documents' 'Music' and 'Pictures' in it .. whereas in the video he has like all his folders.

    What I want, is basically when I save stuff into my music folder on my computer, I want it to be on my OneDrive too, but it doesnt seem to do anything unless I copy the files manually into my OneDrive so called 'Music' folder. Is there any way to get all my music, Documents, Pictures and any other folder on my computer to automatically Sync to OneDrive and be available then Online.

  5. How do I backup my laptop using Windows 10 to OneDrive?????

  6. does this work with win10?

  7. onedrive be default shares all your files with everybody on your contacts list.. they can snoop in your files. this onedrive has horrible security features.

  8. i only need one folder to be backed up with onedrive. how can i choose that folder, so that everytime i chance something in it, onedrive automatically updates it on the cloud? i dont want to copie the whole folder, everytime i change something, to the onedrive folder in windows. can i do it by setting the safespath of onedrive on this folder?

  9. Thanks! good tutorial, easy to understand.

  10. Since I'm using Google drive, can Microsoft disable Sky drive appearance in the taskbar and folder menu? I wouldn't even bother about writing this comment and would rather write to MS directly, well, if they had any reciprocal e-mailing system, if this was reduced to disabling SkyDrive in autostart. I have disabled it for multiple times, yet MS is forcing its autostart and pop-up messages in the taskbar.

  11. Sou Brasileiro, aqui no Brasil tem poucos tutoriais sobre o assunto. ajudo muito , Obrigado !!
    I am Brazilian, here in Brazil has few tutorials on the subject. I help a lot Thanks !!

  12. great tutorial, thanks!

  13. Can you email to mail to one drive like you can to Evernote?

  14. Do the files in OneDrive take up space on your PC!?

  15. Sounds easy I will try it and let you know.

  16. I am completely new to clouds and just installed Office 365 which includes OneDrive. I need to free up space on my computer which which is running very low. Once I put things in OneDrive, can I delete them from my computer to free up space? Or how does that work?

  17. hi just wondering if someone can help? how do i find my contact numbers on OneDrive?? Thanks 

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