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Minecraft: 1.13 Aquatic Update Building Tricks and Tips

Minecraft: 1.13 Aquatic Update Building Tricks and Tips

Here are my initial thoughts for tricks and tips and uses of the new blocks and updates for minecraft 1.13. I found lots of minecraft build hacks for this one too! I think some of these might get fixed though!

39 Comments on Minecraft: 1.13 Aquatic Update Building Tricks and Tips

  1. Me: Wow a cool new swimming mechanic

    Walking, Running, and flying: Am I a joke to you

  2. *crab rave intensifies*

  3. This was made on my birthday! 😀
    Realization that this was made last year


  4. Me: forgets that the aquatic was one year ago
    Grian in 2018: boi look how much stuff was added
    Also me: that stuff has been there for like 5 years
    Me: remembering that it was one year ago oh

  5. Squid:when is the new squid update
    Squid:Patrick spongebob squidwart attack mojang
    Squid update:squid now drop diamonds
    Players:kill all squids for diamonds
    Squids:stop the squid update
    Notch:kill those squids…sorry squids
    Microsoft:were not sorry.kill those squids
    Squid update:not sorry to. Kill squids
    BBC NEWS:breaking news squids are now the most amazing mob in minecraft,

  6. Squid:when is the new squid update
    Mojang:…………sorry never
    Squid:Patrick spongebob and squidwart attachment mojang

  7. 0:00
    Human: aw the pufferfish are so cute

    Another human: lol so funny

    And another human: YO PUFFERFISH RAVING!

    Me: dude… they are dYiNg!!!

  8. Trap idea: have a pressure plate/tripwire fall trap where when triggered some pistons open releasing a wave of water crammed full of fish which push you forwards (in a 1-2 block corridor)

  9. Grian: this will be really quick

    Me: the video is half an hour

    (I won’t complain though)

  10. OMG just realized that i haven't gone to the end in the new update now thats on my bucket list.

  11. Newest new showing about the bathtub I thought the roof was chocolate then you said it was the trapdoors

  12. Who's watching in 1.15?

  13. I built a train station out of the kelp block and it looked awsome

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  15. Ahh yes,
    Enslaved water

  16. Its Mojang pernounsed Mo Jang not mo yang

  17. @ 14:02 Grain i like you as a creater but that was racest dude

  18. You could also use coral as a rug and put some water under it

  19. That. Kelp. Floor. Though. Like what who thinks of that. It looks amazing.
    Edit: and the coral as wallpaper!!! WHAT. Mind blown.

    13:38 that's what she said!!!!!!


  20. 1.13: fake barrels!
    1.14: is this some peasant joke that im too rich to understand?

  21. Bruh, how are you so food, these are amazing ideas

  22. Puffer Fish Rave made me LOL

  23. 1:56

    Mojang: *exists*

    Grian: Moyang

  24. So you pronounce ‘Mojang’ as ‘Mo-Jang’ or ‘Mo-Yang’ ?

  25. Grian: some of you probably know all of these blocks, so…
    Me: I’m from the future, soo….

  26. Grian: "You can sit in the hot tub and talk about the weather, which is always nice"

    Me, living in Indiana- HOLD ME BEER

  27. Who else wants a full version of puffer fish rave
    Like if you do

  28. Orange flowers on the “tiki torches”

  29. 0:03 Do a Mumbo jumbo IS afk

  30. I expect the dark oak wood their square is like and the oak wood trapdoor and the square is like big chocolate

  31. Love the aesthetics of your designs! Great work!


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