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Missing Battery Icon – VISTA, 7 – Fix Tutorial – Power Icon Missing in Taskbar -How to

First, thank you for watching my video-If you’d like to make a Donation, please follow this link: This is a video tutorial on how to fix the problem when your Battery Icon goes Missing. The power icon disappears from the takbar and this tutorial may fix your problem. It can be…

23 Comments on Missing Battery Icon – VISTA, 7 – Fix Tutorial – Power Icon Missing in Taskbar -How to

  1. thank you so much.Worked for me.!

  2. I still use win7 and the battery icon issue was driving me nuts! thank you!!

  3. hell yeah.. you awsome dude, its work also in win7

  4. Thanks man! This totally worked!

  5. done it ll doesnt show up cmon man

  6. thanks
    it worked for me

  7. Worked on my window vista. thank you

  8. thanks a lot it works

  9. thanks bro it has helped me

  10. Thank you so much, it worked for me .

  11. thanks… worked great. got them back.

  12. Thank you so much for helping me! This video deserves a like from me!!

  13. well i was watching your tutorial and all of asudden the windows explorer hanged out of its self when it returned back the icons reappeared I beleive its the same thing that you did by ending and later running the explorer .exe isnt it ? THANKS

  14. Awesome….spot on.

  15. I am using Hp with Windows 7, this works 100%. thank you so much for uploading such a wonderful tutorial. i got my battery icon back………………

  16. thank you so much it work the dislike button work.

  17. Thx Bro Without you I can't Fix it So Thx 😀

  18. i have tried your process bot power option is still gray and can not be clicked

  19. my still not fix on windows7

  20. I used this on Windows 8 instead of 7 and it worked perfectly Thank You!

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