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MongoDB Tutorial For Beginners – #2. Install and Setup MongoDB locally {on windows 10} [2018]

In this video we will see how to install MongoDB for Windows and setup MongoDB Locally on your System.

Till the end of this Tutorial you will learn how to exactly install and setup MongoDB and will be able to Start MongoDB as a Service

We will see step by step Process of Installation and I hope you will follow along with this Tutorial

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17 Comments on MongoDB Tutorial For Beginners – #2. Install and Setup MongoDB locally {on windows 10} [2018]

  1. I'm watching this your tutorial. I had encountered this problem:

    – If I select "complete" and then install, my installation will good work .

    – But if I choose "custom" then do what you instructed in this video, I get an error: "service mongodb server failed to start verify that you have sufficient privileges" and my installation process is not running anymore
    Can you help me with this problem, I thank you very much !

  2. –sslDisabledProtocols none problem. How can I fix this?

  3. i got this type of error
    C:mongodbbin>net start mongodb
    'net' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    how to slove this one…….

  4. I was stuck forever trying to sign up for and figure out the stupid Atlas service on the first page. Boy I feel stupid

  5. Sir, i con't install because I'm using mongo v4 after creating custom location it displays service configuration and i selected run service as a local or domain user it asks me account password and I've tried any possible password including my local machine password. plz help me. it would be better if i have ur email.

  6. bhai kya mongo db ka data recover kar sakte ho? kyoki sara data delete ho gaya hai.

  7. thank bro
    for information

  8. Best Tiutorial…. db path is not worked

  9. how can i install it in 32 bit OS
    It's giving an error while i am trying to install

  10. Im a fuckin stupid!! I didnt aware the tab, so I just stay in the Atlas tab the whole time. Thank you man for this video, may god ease your tasks. 😀

  11. Thanks bro! You saved my life. I've been trying to install from last 1 day and that was a pain in butt. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work. This is my first comment on YouTube and you really owe that.

  12. Thank you so much for such an informative video!

  13. i have an error "2018-04-06T22:45:59.395-0700 F CONTROL [main] Failed global initialization: FileNotOpen: Failed to open "C:Program" " any help please

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