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Mortal Kombat 11 – 10 Best Combo Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Mortal Kombat 11 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) is the latest fighter on the scene, and there’s a lot to know and learn. We’ve got you beginner basics covered here from combo tips to unlocks and other details.
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47 Comments on Mortal Kombat 11 – 10 Best Combo Tips & Tricks For Beginners

  1. There should be a combo saving feature. Remember all of them is almost impossible.

  2. Watching to finally beat my bf in a freaking match finally ????????????????????

  3. Nice i can win this easily

  4. Your video was very helpful, thank you. I wasn’t going to buy mk 11, but you have convinced me.

  5. Or…..just press all the buttons and go ape nuts with the controller. You'll easily pull a combo and quite a bit of special moves too.

    Only bad thing is your hands will get tired quick lol. But it works.

  6. For Noob Sailot make sure to to stay back and use ranged attacks until they are open for combos!!

  7. This man stretching his vid too much, dislike

  8. Ive loved one fighting game ever, the first injustice. I wasnt sold on a second one nore did i feel the need to dip into mortal kombat. Until this one. Holy shit i love the look and the amount of blood and gore is amazing

  9. thanks to you i now know how to pin combos from the list which i can practice on and beat the f out of those AIs and players thanks man

  10. Lol I’m forgetting this not dragon ball fighterz

  11. Frost can be freely unlocked by playing through all 3 fights in mission 4 (fire and ice) in story mode as Sub-Zero Only

  12. put scorpion on max combos

  13. How did he put the moves up on the screen in tutorial?

    Edit: nevermind

  14. I’m really bad at the game and I need help can any of you guys help me? If you respond back I will give you my PSN so we can play if you want

  15. Great video, but I don't play video games, I don't know how to play them and I don't want to learn.

  16. I got it 3 days ago and beat it that same day. Started at 6 PM ended at 9 PM. Towers and everything. Despite this I fucking suck. I beat it on hard only losing 1 round every like 5 fights but that's bots. I miss MKX where you could button spam anything and it would go without your character needing to stop after a fucking kick

  17. The fact that j2 does not end with the opponent at high annoys me so much

  18. Tip no rage quitting

  19. Online Player are just bullshit

  20. Every time I go to my friends house he wops my ass in the game. I haven’t gotten a dub yet

  21. If you’ve played 9 and X I feel the combos in this are a lot slower.

  22. I once bought an 80K chest and got concept art. I was very disappointed

  23. These tips just pissed me off

  24. I have been in online mode and I'm trash…i lost to players who had probably 10% odds of winning

    I just wanna try to give up on dreams of being in tournaments

  25. New to mk in general.
    How do i tag combos in the menu?

  26. TIP: use your brain. Think about your actions. Learn your character learn your opponent learn the game. Dont give up keep training. Never button mash. Try to grow in every match. If you do all this you can make sonicfox your bitch. And dont listen to tier lists. And try to play without auto pilot

  27. Wtf you talking about microtransactions there are none only time crystals and you dont need to pay for them you get theme every week for the tower of time and there will never be a microtransactions in thish game. Learn your shit also every thing is easy to get just graind also good video sorry if thish came off wrong keep up the tips and triks

  28. Thanks i barely got mortal kombat for switch yesterday and for sure it will take a long time gget use to these controls but thanks gor these tips they will help me out in the long run

  29. This was so helpful

  30. You didn't say the mercy gives 3 hearts and 2 more soul fragments if you win.

  31. Bah.. I hate this game. Sold it

  32. I still can't figure out how I use to be awesome at Injustice 2 and X but can't play this one worth a damn. So weird…

  33. Jade is my main someone help me im a fucking trash

  34. “We’re Here For Ten Kips” 0:19 Lol

  35. Any ps4 newcomers want a training buddy (casual play)? Psn: orestesxxii

  36. Best fighting game advice ill ever give that was given to me. If you hate fighting against them. Learn them. So when you fight against them with whom you want you k no every trick they got.

  37. If you’re trying to grind hearts. Just play local on the easiest setting and mercy and then BRUTALITY them. You get 8 hearts each match this way.

  38. thanks this video helped

  39. Unless this game is different than the last one, you'd be crazy to pay for fatalities. All you had to do in MKX was look up the controls for the alternate fatalities online, and then perform them during a game. They would show up on the move list after that.

    Is that not the case this time?

  40. I’m a new mk player and noob saibot seems to be the easiest for me at the moment

  41. This is utter nonsense. You need to Uppercut, Sweep, Jumpkick and Block Low. Most important Tipps since 1992.

  42. Here are 3 more things to note for mercy:
    1. Winning with mercy gives you 3 extra hearts and 2 extra soul fragments, in addition to a tower score bonus, and the other hearts you get for performing a fatality or a brutality, which is why I'd recommend it in the towers of time.
    2. Mercy comes in very handy when you try to perform a brutality, but didn't stick the landing, and need a retry on it. It got some of the fights I played from underwhelming to extremely satisfying.
    3. Some brutalities actually require showing mercy. Those in particular somehow felt much more satisfying than the other brutalities.

    Also, I know I'm being nitpicky, but mercy gives the opponent 20% health back, not 15%.

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