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Movie Maker Beginner Tutorial!

This is a beginner tutorial video for Windows Movie Maker. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a video. You can find shortcuts to different points in my video below. You can find more information and download the source files for my video here:

00:40 import media
3:00 Add a title
4:06 cut a video clip with the trim tool
5:27 mute audio
6:35 add an audio clip
7:40 cut a video clip with start points and end points
8:39 add a…

10 Comments on Movie Maker Beginner Tutorial!

  1. Hello
    I HV subscribed ur channel
    Pls subscribe mine

  2. good tutorial video. . . by the way, occasionally Movie Maker would not accept my video import for editing. When it's stuck, I use ZillaTube. It works, google it.

  3. You are Great Clear TuTorial love it. trumps up

  4. Where can I download or buy the movie maker?

  5. Sorry, where can I download Movie Maker. I have Windows 10 and it seems to have dropped off my computer with the updates.

  6. Sir thank you for sharing the Tutorial big thumbs up also I subscribe.

  7. Can you add two caption to one clip? I tried to do it but can't find out how to do this as it will only allow me to add one caption only.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. Subs me please.

  9. Thank you for this tutorial. I have been off YouTube since about July, and had not realized they got rid of video editor. Your video has been very helpful. Thank you again.

  10. May i get the link of application that u have used to edit the above video.

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