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Ms dos tutorial in Hindi (हिंदी) Part 1

The term DOS can refer to any operating system, but it is most often used as a shorthand for MS-DOS (Microsoft disk operating system). Originally developed by Microsoft for IBM, MS-DOS was the standard operating system for IBM-compatible personal computers.

24 Comments on Ms dos tutorial in Hindi (हिंदी) Part 1

  1. What is console sir

  2. Thank you yr very much

  3. Its very hard but I have to unravel it

  4. That is not MS-DOS, that is the cmd

  5. Sir,can you tell me how to install ms doc on Linux.

  6. sir apka smjhane ka trika bhut acha h thank you so much

  7. Full screen Kaise hoga

  8. very very nice Sir

  9. thank very nice .

  10. is there has only 7 parts?????

  11. hi, i want to run msdos in windows 7 , it is very important for me , kindly guide me please……………..

  12. thanks sir apna persanal no de sakte hai sir

  13. thank dos and commands

  14. thank u very much…..

  15. THANK u very much

  16. thank u , u just clear my mundamental. many many thanks to u

  17. Are there any old computers in India form the pure "MS-DOS age"?

  18. how CAN iinstall MS DOS on win 10….

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