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MS Paint Tricks

These are the MS Paint tricks you probably didn’t know.



Music – Super Karoshi Theme by Jake Almond

Ink drop in water / splatter / explosion – Stock Footage HD Video clip by Depock/MaddTroysStudioX [

Font – Bebas Neue Bold


29 Comments on MS Paint Tricks

  1. 4:20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. *Homestucks ironically watching*

  3. I died so hard at the music in 1:42. ???????????????????????????????????????????????? BTW I love your video!

  4. 4:04 that reminds me of something…
    Reply if it it reminds you of something too
    Or not, I don’t care….

  5. You have way too much free time tbh

  6. i cANt evEn Reach The cttrl button annd + SyMboL aT thE sAme TimE doE

  7. How 2 rot8 text please ms panit


  8. I know about all tricks

  9. 2:55 That didn't work on my desktop… 🙁

  10. your tricks do not work

  11. 2:42 looks like the flag of my city

  12. Who knew MSPaint used to look like gimp!

  13. 0:10: Changing brush size maually
    0:55: Custom brushes
    1:24: Scaling images fast
    1:43: Changing colors
    2:10: Grid
    2:26: Creating gradient
    3:02: 3D Effect
    3:34: Masking

  14. the Eraser tool with right won't work for me 🙁

  15. comic sans…. I see!

  16. ok nice, but how do I rotate text in ms paint?

  17. Uhm guys… I just found a secret while using custom brush and used Wingdings 3… When I dragged it… The outline had orange and blue colors.

  18. Silly YouTuber! MS Paint Tricks are for kids!

  19. Why use photoshop if paint has this many features!?!?

  20. Woah! I'm gonna try all these tricks! (I thought the gradient was the coolest)

  21. 3:04 i have windows 10 🙁

  22. these do not work

  23. I knew all of them, expect from the gradient one, thanks!

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