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20 Comments on My 3 most favorite CMD tricks

  1. first one doesnt work

  2. I love the music very much!

  3. the first is now outdated 

  4. last one ain't working 

  5. thanks for this video

  6. u think u r doing hard work ? take aspirin and go to sleep kid

  7. Mute button! Mah man! We meet again

  8. thanks but what can we do after we have traced ip adress?

  9. Dumbshit. Remove the f and s from you're name.

  10. Bullet for my Valentine <3

  11. They are very useful! For Script Kiddies, they don't do anything unless you know how to use them. OP called them tricks….LMAO!!! They are tools, not tricks. Tracert is barely useable outside of your own network, being as the router it bounces off changes almost every time. Meaning, you can't predict with certainty, the topology. Pings aren't filtered out by firewalls, unless the network is set up to refuse ARP. Only big companies do that. Unless your a retardedly bored geek.

  12. Omg, i love this song <3


  14. LMAO ty for the password trick <3

  15. but if you dont know the password you can change it

  16. Uh? You can set a user's password from Control Panel; traceroute is only useful if you know the network topology, which almost everybody doesn't know; and ping is routinely filtered out by firewalls. These commands may be his favorites, but certainly are not very useful.

  17. the music? annoying? something is seriously wrong with you people

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