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17 Comments on N64 Classic PC Edition (RELEASE & HOW TO)

  1. if there is pixel perfect mode of dang im so stoked!

  2. Hi great image. I don’t suppose you can help me. I’m playing image on my laptop and set up controls as video shows. Using an Xbox 360 controller. Set up both d pad and left analog stick to navigate games in attract modes. Works ok. When I then reload it only then let’s me control with d-pad unless I set controls again. Is there a way to save the setup and not have to change controls each time? Thank you

  3. I don't see any game images and buttons just make it delete games from favourites on attract and the game images didnt load

  4. Is there any way to change the background image?

  5. When can we expect that playstation classic build??? haha. I love PS1 games so that will be awesome.

  6. Thanks but will this run on 64 bit?

  7. i am trying to run a game but it says that file d3dx9 was not found. please help me with this.

  8. Trying to configure Xbox 360 on project 64 2.1 (where you see a picture of n64 controller to map the keys) I try setting it up and once I’ve selected some keys other keys disappear. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  9. I’m getting a “ not implemented” error when I try extracting the zip. I’m assuming this is because I’m on windows 10 64 bit

  10. Friggin good one man . Your killing it lately! Appreciate it

  11. Thank you Harrison this is awesome

  12. Is there a way to conbine your n64, nes and snes?

  13. Can you upload it to MEGA beacuse I don't want to torrent it

  14. Do you intend to port to Raspberry Pi 3?

  15. hi harrison hack, i from indonesia, sorry for my bad english language, btw thanks for you program n nice to meet you.. I get a problem when playing snes / Nes classic Pc Edition, the problem is when playing the game no sound .. can you give the solution?? thanks before..

  16. new sub, love your work

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