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Net MD MiniDisc Windows 7 64-bit Tutorial

Note (Updated 9/15/2013): Window’s 8 32bit & 64bit users, you will need to disable driver signing security in order to install the Net MD driver. You can visit for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that.

A quick and easy solution to fixing the issues with Net MD devices not being compatible with Windows 7 & 8 64-bit. I did not create this fix and unfortunately I don’t know who is responsible for it, so I can’t take credit…

20 Comments on Net MD MiniDisc Windows 7 64-bit Tutorial

  1. Hello everyone, i have the MZ-N910 and i follow the steps of Harjit Singh Sandhu in win10 x64 and its working fine. Thanks also to proudofmylife for his video .

  2. Net-MD MZ-520 Type-S after disable driver signing security it works perfect on Windows 10 Pro 64Bits

  3. worked with the net md mz-n420d!

  4. thank you for this video! at last my MD's have a second life to them! any idea how to use them for data storage??

  5. don't forget to download drivers from this page link under video.

  6. WINDOWS 10 it works, I have installed this 5mths ago on Win 8.1, you can see if you scroll down the comments section. For Win 10 you have to follow these steps again. Firstl you need to watch video – on disabling driver signing, reboot computer. Secondly in control panel – view all devices, right click, choose hardware tab, update drivers which should be in a folder on your PC. Wicked can't believe it Works with Win 10 lol

  7. Fantastic! Thanks man! Portable Music = MD Player; Home Audio = CD Player; AudioBooks = MP3 Player.

  8. Doesn't work with a NE410
    Wasted a lot of time
    you should have specified the models it did work with

  9. It worked great!!!!! thanks a lot!!

  10. brilliant. spent a while looking and thought, I wasted my time once again, between incompatible ios software and W7 and then found this, thanks so much, " Its Alive "

  11. Somebody know if i can record song with this program? or it is only for hear the songs inside of Minidisc?

  12. Thank you for this tutorial it was exactly what I was looking for 😀 great job

    Awesome got Net-MD to work on win 8.1, just now after a lot of searching on the web, thanks a lot. Had to turn of device driver signature, to install Net-MD driver. works 110% A+++ just like you said, we'll have to do this for future windows lol

  14. Thanks for the Tutorial.

    Do you have any idea how to get the Print a Label function to work?

    I got the SsLabelPatch.exe from Sony's site, but it fails to write to the registry.

    I tried running as Admin and various compatibility settings.

    Hope you can help.

  15. Been struggling with my MDS-JB980 but it's now working sweetly after watching your video. Many thanks. Great job

  16. can't transfer tracks to the libary get an error saying recorded by Net MD

  17. SonicStage says to me : "you are logged as a limited account user.Transfer is not available"…. 

  18. I tried to install SonicStage 4.3 for use in Windows 8.1. I used this link:

    It's not installing it. Can someone please tell me if this is the right place to find a SonicStage compatible with Windows 8.1? I want to be able to move files from MiniDisc onto my computer as mp3s.

  19. It lives on!! Thank-you!  Sonicstage is still as hopeless as always but it's worth the hassle so I can us my MD.

  20. Thank you.  it works on windows 8.1, i did the disable driver signing thing but not sure if i really need to. i had to go to device manager instead of finding the device is my computer because for some reason it doesn't show it in my computer but watever

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