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NEW TRICK- Run Windows 8/ 8.1/10 on Any Android Phone- FAQs & Fixes | 2017 Works 100%

Run Windows on Android Phone

Video link:


image file:

If the above image doesn’t works for you then you can try with any other windows image file.



47 Comments on NEW TRICK- Run Windows 8/ 8.1/10 on Any Android Phone- FAQs & Fixes | 2017 Works 100%

  1. What's up guys, Technology here.
    ??? Why

  2. Links don't work anymore

  3. links given by you are not working

  4. Hi
    I am facing with a huge problem, I followed everything but after I touch the start button the program closes. Any idea why?

  5. Img file link not have browser

  6. Dow nahi horaha hai

  7. My phone is oppo real mi 1with 6 GB ram and 128 rom. In my phone the limbo windows 10 takes long time. I can only the Windows symbol ,and I weighted for 6 hours , but no change occured. What can I do

  8. Link for image is disabled :c

  9. It shows there isn't enough memory available to create a ramdisk device.
    Please tell me what to do now

  10. How to solve booting problems

  11. How to go back in Android

  12. Really its just a launcher

  13. Can you download pc games?? And play please reply

  14. how to put img file and iso file in limbo? make a video…..

  15. Does this app compatible with any windows iso file?

  16. please upload a video on how can we download these image files from browser's

  17. In window pc game will work

  18. How can i install on my Android tab it has failed because it keeps saying no bootable device

  19. Image link has ben disable

  20. I cant find any of download image files on internet please help

  21. Help! No ramdisk service. What can i do?

  22. What's the link of the image file bcz your given link can not opened

  23. your image file is broken please respond

  24. Can I run photoshop on it ????

  25. I have the Problem with my Samsung Galaxy S7 that the App always Crashes or the Maschine crashes. What is wrong there? I Wanted to emulate Windows 10.

  26. Link is not working

  27. can we do with linux iso..

  28. Uc browser is telling that rhe URL has been disabled

  29. image file link is not working

  30. Is tipyng no boot for your device!

  31. I have downloaded X64 and what architecter should I choose

  32. there's no user interface

  33. My phone is now a PC

  34. Please tell me how to add more storage to the hard drive

  35. i get green and red blocks after booting. what am i doing wrong?

  36. what are settings for a s7 edge on limbo. never passes the boot from cdrom message from startup

  37. it doesn't work to me. It Shows the message in the begging as yours and then doesn't start.

  38. link is not working

  39. I have some problems install 10
    help please

  40. Will it change into android again

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