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New Tricks To Boost Your FPS In Fortnite! – Improve Fortnite & PC Performance

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In this video, I go over 3 methods I have personally used to boost my FPS and improve my PC’s performance in Fortnite. Unfortunately, this is not the Dety0 method you may have seen hyped up and talked about all over Twitter. Dety0 is the guy helping a ton of…

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33 Comments on New Tricks To Boost Your FPS In Fortnite! – Improve Fortnite & PC Performance

    Use the new Google Doc (v2) in description and follow that if it doesn't work!

  2. mine says i7-4600u

  3. My ping was about 200 and about 10-30 fps. I watched this video to increase my fps but instead, somehow my ping lowered to 40 but my fps is still the same. Anyone know what I should do to increase my fps?

  4. I have an 4.8 processer xD

  5. what if you have intel pentium 4415U?

  6. (1st tip btw) it says I have 8 CPU's and I'm not sure what to do lol

  7. btw just subed

  8. it doesnt let me
    it says error

  9. I use amd what do i do

  10. in my proccessor i have i7-6700HQ and its no in the page

  11. I cant start up my gam e now

  12. its telling me failed launch game

  13. When I click on the shortcut I made it doesn't load up and I verified the game before. How do I fix it?

  14. Uhm, I need help i only have I3-3110M and 4 logical processors will it still work?? i really want to have high fps

  15. I used to get 10 fps and now I get 100

  16. What about AMD Control panel

  17. there was no i3 anyone where

  18. some reason i cant flipin play fortnite now

  19. Damn I only have 4 logical cores

  20. The new google docs link doesnt work

  21. Okay i have a i3 2nd gen so what numbers should i usee? Somebody help

  22. Now it doesn’t start up

  23. You fked my pc even moee

  24. I have a core i7 4600.. does that matter?
    I just choose the i7 8700K

  25. omg i am your 10.000th … liker… or what ever…..

  26. What should I do if my cpu is i3 4010u(method 1)

  27. did not work for me 🙁

  28. what if i have i7 6700

  29. the nvidea settings changing says it errors

  30. someone suck this manz this shit fuckin works SUHWOOP

  31. i have a i5-7200 cpu what do i do

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