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NEW Warden Guide by Mege – Reworked Warden Playstyle, Tips and Tricks

English subtitles available

Thanks a lot to Gin for helping me with this.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Moveset
05:18 Mechanics
11:14 Punishes
13:42 Playstyle

Music used is a Piano Arrangement of “Flowering Night” from the Touhou series, arranged by artist Yukino Asiato.

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Outro song is “Gates of Hell” from…

44 Comments on NEW Warden Guide by Mege – Reworked Warden Playstyle, Tips and Tricks

  1. Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the video! I'll use this pinned comment as a way to add little updates on the video, wether it's new findings or patch changes!

    3/8 It appears you can get the old OOS Max punish from a throw, but the timing is very strict. You have to delay the first heavy slightly while moving in that direction. I couldn't replicate it myself, but know it's possible. Thanks Oakne for the info!

  2. Guide to proper DEUS VULT!!!

  3. Where do I get that outfit

  4. This game is hella unbalanced for me. Orochi is cancer. All spears are aids. The viking rushing and picking me up is repetitive and really fucking cancerous.

  5. I say we force chinise bastards out of the game

  6. Or go on 4v4 and spam like theres no tomorow

  7. I’ve been max punishing wrong and also few other things thank you so so much I sincerely appreciate it

  8. Here's a tip you see that X or square button on your controller… ya just spam the shit out of that and you'll be fine

  9. Voice, Explanation, & Knowledge is on point! Subscribed!

  10. Im new to For Honor and this is really great and very well done, thx

  11. Just started with the game, this is fucking hard wtf. I can barely react to someone's attacks and I never seem to hit mine

  12. Warden approves

  13. How did you make your chainmail black on your Warden ?

  14. Parry then zone attack is amazing for me it always works

  15. I just came back to For Honor and that video was exactly what I was looking for. Great job 🙂

  16. Hey Man! Great video and tips. Actually, that's a lot of knowledge, but you managed to put it in some fine examples. As a new player to the For Honor – Warden was my first pick, so now I need to practise more. Keep up the good work.

  17. Thanks man im much better now bcs of you 😀

  18. This is the most detailed and in depth warden guide I've seen

  19. Me: *plays FH for d first time*
    *skips the tutorial cuz I just wanna play it n figure it out*
    Me after skipping toturial: how do I do this again

    *searches some guides and instructions on YT*

  20. you know ubi f^cked up when they made nuxia able to cancel punishes with the so called trap it's bullsh^t and makes punishes completely worthless
    Oh yeah you can Valiant breakthrough top un-blockable heavy on downed opponents and crushing counter when they throw a top heavy (note 50% chance of happing some players may know they cant parry it)but still.

  21. not really related, but what sword skins are you using? It looks amazing!

  22. Hey man thank you. For this guide im new to the game but really enjoying it. This guide helped me polish some moves up n made warden alot more enjoyable

  23. My goal is to never getv salty in this game
    So far it worked =D

  24. Night of knights pain o was playing in the intro

  25. great guide and well explained. Thanks for the tips and keep the videos coming

  26. 7:30 As a side note…
    Warden shifts to the side and takes a sword to the face

  27. I main warden and although I do most of what was described I learned some sweet tricks

  28. How do I do c unhinges counter strike I can’t really understand what you were saying sorry

  29. When faced against an assasin what the fuck do I do

  30. gets eaten alive by shinobi YEA WARDEN IS FUN, THIS GAME IS FUN

  31. Been a warden since day one, thanks for the tips.
    Deus Vult

  32. What are the best executions for warden

  33. how do you feint shoulder bash with ps4 ?

  34. Wtf is a gyreck button bro? Is that even english?

  35. dude that was an awesome video. thanks for putting it up.

  36. The guide was great but unrealistic that orochi was throwing heavy attacks ????

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