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No audio output device is installed.Windows 7 audio problem?

100% guaranteed after doing this as i did in this video .you will get fixed your pc sound problem in 2 minutes . After installing windows 7 does your PC give you the message that no audio output device is installed or recent hardware change might not be detected .and you did any thing but nothing happened so follow my simple steps in video and you are done. please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button if you like my vid.

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35 Comments on No audio output device is installed.Windows 7 audio problem?

  1. Hello Every One If you have Tried Everything and still Can't Fix This Audio Problem.Then you might wanna buy this adapter

  2. mines problem i have audio in google but when im playing games it doesn't have

  3. Bhai ise software ka Kya nam hai

  4. Try this, run cmd as admin, then type sfc /scannow , maybe it will help

  5. thanks
    The sound is back


  7. ..sad to say..nothing happens..

  8. You need to also install clear sound driver from your tonsils

  9. I can't find the multimedia device manager . Can someone help ? Thank you .

  10. I don't understand shit


  12. hold up if i have no audio output device is installed. Windows 7 audio problem? how am i going to watch your video lmfao

  13. Is the person talking through the video? I'm not sure if he is because my sound's not working!!

  14. hi dear my computer esonicg41 how to downlood audio driver

  15. Plesee give me name the program

  16. other device option nhi ara he

  17. I know this video is old whenever i fix the problems there still no sound while my speakers are on still no sound or audio how do i fix this problem???

  18. Goood thnks brather its workin ????????????

  19. where i can get that file

  20. Speak clearly bro otherwise I can't understand u

  21. window could not find software for your device

  22. Kuch Alag dikha raha hai

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