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No Root hacks : MC5 Unlimited energy & tier 7 Hack

In this video i show you how u can get the tier 7 weapons and unlimited energy. Enjoy.

Forgot to mention in the video but this is on android.

You will need freedom app :

20 Comments on No Root hacks : MC5 Unlimited energy & tier 7 Hack

  1. can this unlimited energy bar hack get me banned? because that's the last thing I want

  2. without root your kidding freedom requires root you bullshit

  3. i was on that game i am the sniper that killed u

  4. does it on other classes

  5. Works Dude 🙂 made a video on my channel hope u dont mind

  6. So u just unlock things like this hacker

  7. this is really working .. I already try this before him … I thought this is a glitch and I'm afraid I will get banned … and now I know why that energy bar is zero but I can play the game … trust me … I have rooted android phone (Lenovo)

  8. Q: root required A: [yes] no
    Q:is this on the app store? A: yes [no]
    Q: is freedom on iPod/iPad/iphone A: yes [no]

    hoped that helped subscribe!!!!

  9. its disconnected me from
    multiplayer & campaign

  10. all i got was the unlimited energy

  11. all i got was the unlimited energy

  12. Doesn't work! Its Disconnected me from multiplayer and campaign.

  13. How do you do this on a iPad it didn't work?

  14. Hey bro Unlimited energy worked bt tier not why ? Can you help me?

  15. Can I get ban for the unlimited energy thing?

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