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20 Comments on Nokia Lumia : Tips & Tricks

  1. I don't y I wanna see tho i have the iphone6

  2. That was boring everybody knows that

  3. Does the Nokia lumina 635 have a from cam?

  4. Getting one tomarrow

  5. Whenever I make a call on my Lumia 800 the screen goes black does anyone know how to fix this??

  6. I giving this video dislike, because it's all basic settings not tips or tricks.


  8. I have Nokia Lumia 620

    Its AWESOME 🙂

  9. hay .. can you explain me how i can delete music from my playlists.. X: plz tell me :X

  10. Can anybody help me, I can not go into Marketplatse, Games,Music+Video on my Nokia Lumia 800 :(((..pls help me

  11. how can I activate the call waiting option on nokia lumia 800? I can`t find that option! please help

  12. Nope it doesn't work… =/ I have a Nokia Lumia 900 .. 🙁

  13. Start + Lock Button.
    would be saved in photos > screenshots

  14. Yea.. Lumia is the best smartphone if you use it for daily life… It was more than enough

  15. very nice phone, waiting to have a VPN service on windows 8

  16. i have to know about the nokia music subscription and price plz help

  17. how to make a screenshot with nokia lumia 900?

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