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NUCLEAR VS. 8 KDR HACKER! – Black Ops 2 PC Nuclear – (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

If he didn’t completely toggle this game, he definitely toned his hacks down a lot! xD


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20 Comments on NUCLEAR VS. 8 KDR HACKER! – Black Ops 2 PC Nuclear – (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

  1. At least the best person I've seen on PC 

  2. Nate you should check yourself when you say you are terrible. You are the best cod player I've seen .

  3. why dose this guy NOT have millions of subs? such a good youtuber

  4. Steam Ban hackers right?

  5. holy fuck you are good

  6. What's up Nate your one of the best call of duty players on YouTube you might be better than tbnrfrags or Ali a 

  7. The way you just casually picked up that sniper then proceeded to take them out lol

  8. Before finding Nate: I'm ok at COD, can beat most people
    After: I am awful, must rethink my life

  9. Ur as good as a hacker

  10. <– Cap'n Crunch. For a second I thought you were calling me the hacker. Glad to know it was SureShot. I didn't even look at his combat record. 

  11. OpTic/FaZe Nate?? This guy is toooo gooood!

  12. Call of Duty perfection!

  13. 5:08 To 5:10 Sounds Like His Saying No In A Mexican Accent Lol!

  14. 393 likes. 0 dislikes. ?

  15. For the subscriber attachments series you should use ballista with suppressor and iron sight. Keep up the good videos!

  16. Wow, your freaking boss! Do more videos:)

  17. I'm surprised no-one called you a hacker! Nice job, Nate!

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