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NYC Subway Tips, Tricks, and SECRETS !

The NYC Subway is the one thing just about ALL New Yorker’s have in common. In this travel video, i’m going to teach you some tips, tricks, and secrets behind one of the world’s most iconic subways, from a local. We’ll cover everything from how to access the Abandoned City Hall Station to hacking your MTA Metro Card and a lot more.. We’ll even dive into some fun facts and history about the New York City Subway that you probably had no idea about. Make sure to leave me a comment, and…

30 Comments on NYC Subway Tips, Tricks, and SECRETS !

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  2. Here's a tip: if your MetroCard has a 0 balance after you swipe it you lose the free transfer! You have to have at least 1 cent on the card or the transfer won't work.
    Question: Why would you want a 0 balance on your card? If it expires any remaining balance is transferred to your new card via the vending machines.

  3. Good stuff man. I didn’t know about two things: the secret house and the MTA way to sticking it to your boss via MTA Hall Pass.

  4. I don’t have to take the “Christmas Tour” I’m so old I sat on those Wicker Seats when I was a child! ????????????????????

  5. Its on the Q train

  6. Ha jokes on u I don’t live in New York City

  7. On the London underground system, there are similar fake buildings to the 'Decoy house' in Brooklyn Heights. Their street addresses are 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens and they also adjoin properties worth millions.



  10. You didn't mention the instruments in stalled on 34th Street platform on the N/Q/R line people opposite platforms can create music together!

  11. i have known bout B/Q art-ride from DeKlab for years…. thank you for including it on your list.
    what would really be impressive (& maybe time consuming) is a subway hack that tells you what subway car & door to stand in that either gets you out the station fast or transfer between lines on different levels…

  12. ???????????????????????????? Good fact bout feet up on seats and the history of subway cheers

  13. Got any tips on how I can use subway to get from JFK to Bedford Nostrand station? First time visitor to NYC.

  14. I thought you were gonna show me how to hop the train .

  15. Where do those old trains pass during the holidays? Cause I never see them

  16. 5:15 oh my gods I used to see these all the time until I went to middle school!

  17. I’m looking for somewhere special but not vastly expensive in Manhattan for my husbands 40th next March – any recommendations?

  18. If you ain’t got $30 maybe you are living way above your means …. lmaoooo

  19. PS I also love the characters at 14th/8th! Like the "eyes" at WTC on the E too! In general it's a thumbs-up for the MTA's commitment to public art, which has contributed greatly to the Subway's improvement activities!

  20. New viewer here from the UK – I'm a fan of railways in general, and transit systems in particular. I've visited NYC seven times over the years, although the last was in 2011, and the Subway was a lure for me as much as the city itself, which is fascinating to me: a unique destination!

    Whilst I did know most of these facts anyway, I'd just like to say you've presented them in an entertaining and likeable way, so I'll keep watching for more snippets… may you flourish, Sir!

  21. Helpful as always – I have been preparing for my trip to New York by watching your clips. I'll be there from 17 – 30 October.

  22. Excellent video!!!!

  23. It helps to train yourself to breath the urine stench without hurling

  24. To be more accurate, no one gets arrested for putting feet on seats. People get arrested because either they have no or refuse to show ID on them or have arrest warrants.

  25. I don’t like how you said schermerhorn

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